League Camp Plan!πŸŽ‰

First time trying to post on these forms so please forgive any formatting messups!

:tada::tada:++LEAGUE CAMP PLAN++ :tada::tada:

It’s done! After a lot of fiddling, chopping, squeezing, squishing and nudging, the League Camp Plan is finally ready for your viewing pleasure!

A couple of quick clarifications before viewing:

  • We are increasingly pressed for space, and in a lot of areas I’ve had to really jam people together to get them in locations they wanted, so I have a request. ** Please make sure to cross your guy ropes where possible! ** It will saves us metres upon metres of space and means that you will have the ability to walk between your tents without fear of bumping into people.

  • Cicisbeo corner is very squashed, I’ll be there in person to try and ensure we have optimum space and access for everyone in their tents.

  • In case of genuine issues such as being unable to fit in the alotted space, damage to the tent, issues with the ground or other such problems, please tell me and I’ll do everything I can to fix it, either on site or on here.

  • Thank you to everyone who helped me out, from those who helped me in herding Leaguey cats to find the excel sheet to some advice to just those who answered my questions quickly so I could place their tents in the right place!

  • If you need to contact me, please message me either on here while off-site, or come find me and poke me and I’ll see what I can do to help! Photo for reference here β†’ (https://scontent-sit4-1.xx.fbcdn.net/…/34721094_10160383918…).

  • Last but not least, ENJOY E2!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: