League Mage Armour

Hello all,

I’ve been pondering this one for a while now. I need to make some mage armour for a League character. My first thought was to go with leather, but can’t think how best to “League” it up to be fancy and still magey enough.
Further thoughts have led me to items of metal armour with lots of runic etching, but I fear that may end up looking like practical armour.

Has anyone else tackled this one?

all thoughts welcome!

Perhaps go beyond the concept of etching and choose pierced-work for decoration? You could make the piece look almost lacy: too weak to be effective as mundane armour.
(Could do this for metal or leather.)

Pierceworked stainless steel could look phenomenal as League mage armour. Ornately carved leather is another excellent option - the chap who plays Dr Ferrero has a lovely set that looks perfect.

Hmm, piercedwork steel was an option I had thought about. looks like I’d best get sketching some ideas out :slight_smile:

cheers for the input.

A mask is probably arguable as a circlet-like object, especially if it’s based on a substantial circlet. That gets one of your three locations and is basically maximum League. :wink:

Dramaturgy is a big deal in the league, so it makes sense that mage armour might draw a little from those themes. So your mage armour could focus on adopting a particular archetype costume based on what your character does and how they do it.

A very obvious component is a mask, styled after the particular Personna your mage’s magic most associates with. Then you have additional trappings, colours and styles which are also associated with that persona.

There are also the League version of the Runes. Lots of those either carved into, painted on, stitched on etc. Can turn thin leather and cloth into obvious mage armour. Even if you use metal, making sure that it’s magically decorated and not covering lots of you can shift it towards mage armour.

Look at asymetrical designs with metal armour. Someone with two metal pouldrons and two metal vambraces is wearing armour, but if you have one of each, on opposite sides and they are fancily decorated with runes that far more suggests mage armour.

profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … Dramaturgy

Can you Make Mage armour out of metal?

I had presumed not, as
“You cannot cast spells while wearing armour”

And if it’s made of steel it is Armour. there’s no minimum coverage for something to be able to stop an arrow. (So long as the arrow hits the piece in question)

If you have a Steel pauldron and a Vambrace as part of your mage armour, I don’t see quite how they stop being Steel Armour.

Rule of Cool might get you though, but it seems chancy to me…

The rules on mage armour say that it can be made of any real world material. However it is important that it look as little like armour as possible. Mage armour made of steel does not protect you from CLEAVE or IMPALE in any circumstance.

Hence tea’s comment about pieceworked steel - you’re aiming for the sort of outfit where someone looks at it and goes "that’s clearly meant to be armour but there’s no way it would actually protect you from anything. The bar’s a lot higher for making it Really Obviously Not Protective with metal; whereas the same set of leather bracers and greaves can work in both normal armour and mage armour if covered in Arcane Wotsits and paired with a breastplate for normal and a blinged-up hero belt for mage armour, with metal it’d need to be designed a lot more carefully.

Well, that seems to be the challenge set then. pierced-work metal in an oddly not covered style then :slight_smile:

I’d best move these designs into some physical drafts.

cheers to all.