Leather thickness

Okay so I’m planning on making some leather armor.
And I’m wondering what thickness leather I should use.
I was planning on doing light armor but I’m concerned that if I make it that thin it won’t hold up well.
So what’s the minimum thickness you would recommend from a durability point of view?

Light leather armour is 1.5-3mm, Medium is 3mm+ (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Weapons_%26_armour#Light_Armour)

Durability absolutely depends on the type of leather you’re using, but putting that to one side;
If you’re looking to make something that looks like your typical leather armour with ‘solid’ pieces rather than something soft like suede, 2-2.5mm is a decent thickness for Light leather. Too thin and it’s more likely to tear, too thick and you might as well just take it up another fraction of a millimeter and go for Medium. If you’re looking to try tooling the leather, it being on the thicker side rather than the minimum of 1.5mm will make it easier to work designs in.



Here’s the link for armour. :slight_smile:

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Really does depend on the leather and how you are constructing it, ive got some armour thats 20 years old and has seen some heavy use and abuse over the years and its definitely under 2mm for the majority but doubled at the edges. :smiley:

Id probably aim for medium if you are building it yourself, its going to be more forgiving and you can order pre cut scales pretty cheaply (Id recommend lyons leathers) at which point is just a case of lacing it together which is tedious but straightforward work. :slight_smile:

Scale works for pretty much any nation to some extent and has a lot of potential to get customised, expanded or improved upon as you learn skills or change characters.

I have deleted the disagreement part as I do not wish to argue. In the field, however, 3mm is generally considered to be Medium, so it’s a wiki vs Anvil thing.

I still stand by what I said, though! The top end of Light leather is just a fraction of a mm away from Medium, so for something obviously Light, it’s best to have it thinner imo. That fraction is negligible in terms of weight and, depending on the supplier, cost.

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yep, my armour is one layer of 3mm and I was told it is medium by an armour checker. It’s fairly solid - won’t cave in if i bend in it etc, and even stands up on its own.


In part it depends on what kind of armour you’re making, if you’re making lamellar then I think the first set of scales on this etsy listing is 3mm to give you an idea.

Have a poke around on that site as I’ve just noticed they do discount seconds which might save you some money :slight_smile:.

What about mage armour though? I’m also making leather armour, but based on the description there is no thickness specifics…

Mage armour has basically no material requirements, it:

can be made out of any real world material, provided you try to make as clear as possible that your character is wearing magical protection and not mundane armour.

As long as it covers the regulation locations and looks like magical protection then it is good.