Lineage Lifespans?

Whilst perusing the wiki, I came across this fun tidbit on the Changeling page:

“Although changelings are still mortals, they tend to be healthy and live a little longer than their neighbours (assuming they avoid accidents or malice). The oldest recorded changeling was 149 years old, but this was an exception rather than the rule. Even barring unnatural causes, few changelings live to see their 120th birthday…”

This got me wondering about whether or not the other lineages have lifespans different from non-lineaged humans? And what about Orcs? Can magic/other means extend life expectancy? Heck, who are some of the oldest groups/individuals in general? #Varkula4eva

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I don’t think it is defined in detail. Several of us playing changelings are deliberately playing characters older than ourselves (I know of myself and at least two other people doing that, and haven’t exactly asked around widely).For other lineages and orcs I just assumed it was normal human lifespans. The big obvious exception are Daeva in the Commonwealth, who live about five years, but we don’t even know what they look like and they are explicitly not playable.


Around 60 years old, orcs turn white-skinned, indicating they’ve reached the end of their reproductive years. But as far as I’m aware of, they’re not unnaturally long-lived, so they probably top out at 100, like the average human. As to whether the aged orc become as fragile as humans do at 80+, I don’t know.

(My orc is in eir 50s, so hasn’t yet turned white-skinned. Other orc players probably know better than myself.)