Lone warrior in need of friends

Well, the title says most of it. I’m a stenir bannermen that has no friends in the game, and I seek a hall or band to fight for. I’m an American man of 16 years and my first appearance at anvil looks to be slated for 2019. I know that’s a bit far off but saving money is a pain. I have no skills other than substantial fighting prowess and the ability to carry a large shield. I’m absolutely stoked to go to anvil and hope to become a regular. My kit may be meager but my heart is strong. So would anyone be interested in an extra man?

Note: also be aware that the reason I’m asking is because I have social anxiety, so introducing myself to new people is pretty hard for me. However, if an admin does see fit to take this down I understand completely

Welcome along, xLilMetalFreakx!

You’re certainly taking a long run up for 2019, but as you say, monies can be tricky. Are you currently in the Americas somewhere? You may be able to find another LARP group a little closer in time and space to get some practise…

(You do not, by the way, need to make posts “in character” :slight_smile: )

I suspect there are many Halls happy to recruit another sturdy fighter, and they’ll be along shortly.

You may wish to check:


and indeed…


yes, I’m currently in the United States. And thank you for the help, it is much appreciated

If you are a Wintermarker, then I invite you to come and have a look round my hall, were called Wyvern’s Watch we’re a group of beast slayers. Like most Wintermark halls we tend to recruit people in the field after we’ve met them in person, that way you can be sure that we’re the hall you really want to join and so you don’t have any regrets. We have four non-UK based members already, so irregular attendance is not a problem for us. If it’s next year your attending, then just ask around for Wyvern’s Watch or my character Orran.

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Hey! I would love to offer our group as we are like you! New to the game, going in 2019 and cant wait! We need a new shield and our whole group will be perfect! Join up! “The order of three” will be happy to accept ya!

Definitely interested, and I’ll definitely be able to fill that shield shield shaped hole in your group

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Great! Have you joined the empire discord? If not we are called the order of three! Any extra info needed will be provided, we offer a warm welcome and anything (Healing, etc) you need!