Looking for an IC tent

Hi I’m on the hunt for an IC tent, for preferably one to two people , im from wintermark so if anyone knows any sites that sell good ic tents could you point me in the right direction please thank you.

Your best bet is probably a bell of some sort. They’re pretty common, fairly easy to put up, and will last.

second hand they turn up on various larp kit resale lists, or if you’re happy with something a bit bigger the 5m often turn up from the festival people in September with only minor wear and tear. For 2 people you would be OK with a 3m if friendly, a 4m would give you loads of space.

There are also viking style ridge tents or old scout style ridges, but they are a little more complex to put up.

Please also think about where you will store the thing, how to transport it, and where you could pitch it to dry at home if we have a wet event, as canvas does take more care than a plastic tent.

Do also consider why you are going for IC camping. Plastic tents are cheaper, lighter and easier to care for, and none of the OOC camping space is that far from the IC field. there are also limitations on space on the IC field and people who are just sleeping, not group tents or supporting kids or OOC access needs may be asked to move back OOC if space becomes tight.


Keep an eye on places like this in September and sign up to their email lists.


Also check ebay around the same time.


I use this quite comfortably for 1 person + kit. You need to get paracord for guy ropes and a set of pegs, but it’s light and practical. Only works as a sleeping space not a social one but if that’s all you want it’s perfect.

Smaller IC tents are harder to source than large ones - as CharlieP has already mentioned, bells are the easiest to get hold of, otherwise you tend to be looking for vintage A-frame or ex-Scout patrol tents.

Personally I’m fond of Dutch canvas tents - for our family of three we have a technically-4-berth Dutch Pyramid we got from a guy who goes over to Holland once a year or so to buy them.

This eBay shop looks worth keeping an eye on - I’ve not used it myself but the feedback is good and any of the three tents they’ve got listed right now could work as an IC base for two:

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Do be careful on the colour. The modern charcoal brown a lot of tents come in now stick out like a sore thumb.

Eh, the only fabric stipulation in the rules for tents is “must not be shiny plastic” The colour is irrelevant. Any colour short of day-glo neon is going to be IC for Empire. If modern fabric tents come in similar colours from a lot of places, that just means it’s a common style of natural fabric in the Empire.

Maybe worth a look at these ranges?
Mostly bells, round pavilions, square pavilions, various diameters and wall-heights:
Mostly wedges and cones:
Versatile mostly-small things: you can put a few together to make a bigger thing: https://www.sued-west.com/Ausruestung/Zelte/Kohten-Jurten/