Looking for clothing patterns

I wanna take this time to perhaps try and make myself some more kit. Still havent been to an evvent yet I want more kite XD.
I was just wandering if anyone knew of anywhere i could get my hands of some patterns to make some clothes that would fit the Navarr brief.

Many thanks in advanced.

Hi some of the costume on this page might be useful - http://tutorials.abbott.me.uk/ the tunics will suit most nations for sure if you pick a colour in your nations colour pallet, for Navar Brown and Green are obvious choices :slight_smile:.


Thank you! This is perfect

Plenty can be done with the basic t-tunic patterns. If you change sleeves, collars, length, neckline and how baggy or fitted they are you can get a huge range of different looks.

If you want assistance with the fabrication - or someone to ask when you can’t se how to get what’s in your head to work in fabric then there is a group on FB called costume froth who will be happy to help: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EmpireCostumeFroth/

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I’ve wondered for a while if there’s much overlap between Marcher and Navarr costumes? Stuff like tunics and hose seems fairly down to earth and simple for Navarr, and I know the Marcher pages have loads of resources for costumes and patterns given the abundance of historical material.

Yes you could make marcher style costume in navarr green and browns and it would work. You would probably want to add more decoration, and the type of material you could use can be wider.

Although actually re-enactment style marcher clothing designs are more complicated than the layered t-tunic style from above so you may be adding unnecessary complexity if you’re an inexperienced sewer.

Navarr is actually one of the nations, along with the brass coast which could be costumed entirely from charity shop hunting, with very little modification if wanted. Leggings, a couple of long tops, a belt and a mock suede / leather jacket would work fine if you can find suitable items.

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