Looking for Solo characters new to the game, willing to 'team'/meet up at the event

Hi, i am new to empire and am thinking of joining the colorful Brass Coast. I am coming to the event solo and am looking for other solo characters and people (new or experienced) to ‘team’ up with to learn the basics with and RP with early on, before we are established. As i think this will be an easy way to get into Rping and experience interaction quickly without finding an official group or IC friends right away. If there are any experience solos out there interested in helping me and any other noobs out, even just for the first hr it would be highly appreciated. i dont know if asking this of players is to much, but if it is i apologize, and hope to see you there non the less !

Thanks again.

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This might be a good recruitment speech to use at the new player OC social on Thursday night, or at the end of one of the New Player Meeting on Friday at an event.

(see below for event schedule)


Hi. I’m a solo character in the Coast and haven’t had a chance to get established much yet so E2 will be my first opportunity to throw myself into the game. Hopefully I’ll be at one of the two New Player meetings on Friday to refresh my memory so I might see you there.

Hopefully! i will be attending Thursday so i have a chance to meet people OC , so i belive there is one then which i may attend (correct me if im wrong), so if i dont see you there and you want to meet IC or OC just send me a msg on the forums!

i am also new to empire, ive been to two events. hopefully im there at E2 this year. im Freddo in the brass coast come and find me as i am solo and no family at the moment.