Looking to join a group/hall (Wintermark)

I’m completely new to larp and am looking to attend in April.
I am looking to join a group/hall to help guide my first experience.

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Welcome to Empire, there’s a tonne of resources online and around. There’s lots of threads here on Empire forums, as well as the Wiki which I’d recommend giving a read through, not all of it, just any relevant areas.
As well as worth mentioning while there are those on here. Your best bet for finding a group for Wintermark, besides finding one infield is to check the Facebook Group for wintermark

or the New Players Group, which always has tonnes of advice:

I’m sure someone can give you more details, but that’s my advice for now, any more questions I’ll be happy to answer.

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Hello and Welcome. Just a couple of things to ask first:
1st: " Ninja’d"
2nd: Are you planning on coming up on your own or with others? Do you know anyone who attends already?


Is there a specific reason you want to join Wintermark? The only reason I ask is the majority of new players tend to gravitate there for various reasons and it’s always good to spread new players among the other nations.


sadly i will most probably be coming alone, its why i’m looking for a group to join.

I chose Wintermark as i already have some appropriate costume pieces from party i attended a few years ago (helping reduce the costs); and i suppose really its the nation i felt i could fit in most, as i have read/watched most of its influences and could easily gather an understanding of the culture and the part id like to play in it.
(hope this helps answer your question)

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Thats very fair. The facebook group is the best place to look for a group to join, I think there is a few recruitment threads: Recruitment!
this is one but there may be more. Do you have any questions on parts of the game?

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It does indeed! I only asked as some answers have been “Because I saw it on youtube” or similar. Which is no bad thing in itself, but it’s always good to make sure new players realise there are other nations out there :slight_smile:

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Wpuld love to offer our group to newcomers such as ourselves! We would like some info about your character though(Nation, class setup