Looking to spoil someone


Without giving too much away, my brother’s an Empire player (Marches) and he’s just graduated with a really solid degree, and since he doesn’t really do the whole going out and getting plastered thing I’ve been fishing around for ways to make him feel a bit special that he’d actually enjoy.

To put things in a bit of context: I went to a couple of Maelstrom events and I’ve been a fringe LRPer for a while, although I don’t count myself too good at it, but I figure now’s a good time for me to try PD again and actually put some solid effort into it this time. So I’m heading back to PD anyway.

So this is a bit of a long shot I know, but I wondered if there happened to be some budget for bribes/booze/etc available would anyone have some ideas or be up to joining in a conspiracy to do something IC to give my bro some good memories?


I’m fairly sure you could get some of the (IC) bar owners to greet him enthusiastically with free drinks (that you pay for later)… or you could buy him a load of stuff from the various vendors in terms of sweeties etc…

…if you know him well enough, you could even get something for him from one of the OC vendors and have it waiting with his name on as a surprise?

Heck, there’s a Massage competition on needing volunteers and judges, if you think he likes to feel kneaded!

But if you want something complex and in-game, you could hire some (in game) actors, from the League or the Academy, to give him his own little adventure? You could write for him a little story and expedition around Anvil, talking to folk, maybe a duel or contest, until he finds his prize?

What do you think he’d like?


Bring a sedan chair, and pay someone to help carry it?