Mage Armour Help

So over the next year I wanna save to make a set of mage armour to be made for me. I wanna play with different designs and draw out what I want before I go for it. I love the idea of something leather to go over my shoulders/arm.

Anyone wanna flex their mage armour to give me some inspo??

Which nation as that will affect what we suggest.

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I’m in Navarr.

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here is a photo of my Dawnish battlemage armour… (credit Tom Garnett)

this is a series of overlapping leather plates over shoulders and upper arms, with a small chest and back piece joined by straps. I’ve painted it in my House colours (black and gold) and runes, but leather takes paint and indeed texturing nicely. The same design would work well as leaves, or shells, or wood effect…

Remember for mage armour, it’s got to look more mage and less armour…


Ooooh I love it! Wowee! That’s an awesome idea!! I love it thank you!

You certainly manage to look Dawnish! For me it’s the circlet that yells ‘mage’.

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I currently just have a circlet and bracers and a plain hero belt that I wanna put tunes on but I’m not sure what’s the best way to get runes on!

For applying runes to things, I just painted them on free-hand with acrylic paints (games workshop minature paints, in my case), and then a layer of clear varnish over the top.

Don’t go overboard though… A few runes, repeated consistently, in a simple colour scheme.

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