Mage armour Hero Belt

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I’m considering having the Battle Mage skill. Would this belt work for a Hero Belt for mage armour? Edit: I am using white, round gems as a theme for my costume if that helps.


Things to remember is that it should be more Mage and less Armour. Also, no metal spikes, sharp edges, and similar.

Belts for Mage armour sets tend to quite wide an/or elaborate.

Assuming that buckle is the size it appear to be (a hand-span wide) it’d make a fine piece for a mage armour set!

Hey, show us the whole set when it’s done, will you? It sounds like a suitably striking theme.

From the wiki entry for Mage Armour:
“The parts of the talisman superficially resemble pieces of armour, but armour that is ornate and ceremonial rather than practical. They are often decorated with runes, crystals, gems, or other magical accoutrements and it is clear that the armour protects the wearer through magic rather than by physically deflecting blows.

By itself, I don’t think it’s enough, but it is a good piece to work into a hero belt. You’ll definitely have to add more to the belt to make it clear that it’s a part of a set of mage armor.

It’s almost more important that it looks right for your nation, so the above might be too fancy for Navarr or Marches probably, but excellent for Dawn or the League.

Of course all of it will depend on what it’s paired with.

If you wanted to make it more magical looking adding a design over the stone from your character’s theory of magic would probably help, whether that’s a constellation, totem creature, virtue symbol or realm rune. Will also make it clear it’s not just a standard belt. Acrylic paint will stick to most things, and a layer of clear varnish or nail polish can help it stay put.

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Its terribly vague what exactly constitutes a “Hero Belt” tbh, coming from a lot of Celtic larping stuff previously id consider it to be a type of belt with a very broad front, like a wrestling belt which youd need to add, but as the thread shows my view isnt universal…

I think the general bit is it should be obvious from just looking at you that you are wearing mage armour. So it should look extra to your normal costume and in some way ‘magical’ and be obviously not actual useful armour for protecting you…

In my case my Mage armour consists of gorget and pauldrons, but no breast plate so it can’t be confused with real armour, vambraces with lace work so they aren’t very functional, and then my normal greaves, because they’re under my skirt so you can’t see them, and they protect my knees! They’re all plain brown leather, but with a metal embossed fancy disk on each one, fits the unconquered brief design for Highguard. To everyone else it’s obviously non-functional armour added to my usual costume so therefore must be mage armour.

The 6ft mage staff I carry helps with that look too of course.

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Thank you all for the advice! I think I’ll be going with some standard bracers that I hope to paint up to look more ornate and a very ornate circlet to complete the armour set. I’ll post some pictures when I get everything together.

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