Mage Armour ideas/examples

With the upcoming changes to Mage Armour to make it slightly more affordable in XP, I’ve been trying to think of ways to physrep it. Considering it can be made of anything OC, it sounds like a great way to make something that’s imaginative, affordable or both.

Most of what I’ve seen done has been along the lines of high-fantasy leather armour pieces. The brief says that they need to be “substantial” and “superficially resemble pieces of armour, but armour that is ornate and ceremonial”. I want to do that, but with a definite Marcher feel to it and thus lack of bling. More Gandalf the Grey, less World of Warcraft.

Ideas I’ve had so far:
Wooden plates either strapped on directly or mounted on a flexible leather backing.
Wicker/Rattan/seagrass place mats etc, either cut to shape and edged or decorated with runes and given straps/eyelets.
Foam. Cheap, easy to work but less suitable for looking like natural materials as opposed to making it look like Magical Ceramic, Mithril Bits etc.
Rope, woven into suitable designs like a thick belt.
Steel armour worn in an asymmetric pattern and with some sort of obvious magical tat on it to make it look more “Magey”.

Thoughts on those, or any other suggestions for things I could make this out of?

I think having a crack at making your own armour from leather would be a good bet, It’s inexpensive (due to the small amount of leather needed) and you can have fun with it as it would be a bit more forgiving.

I’d recommend getting leather from Le prevo and give them a ring and ask for the guys that are experienced with larp stuff and explain what you’re trying to do, they might be able to get your some stuff out of the off cuts bin (which they sell by weight) or you could get a smaller piece of Columbo Grade II Leather in one of the thinner thickness (like 1.8mm) which would do nicely for for a light leather armour which would be easier to do.

It would be easier this way if you’re going for an Orc Warcaster or a Navarri mage which could easier hide mistakes. It would be harder for the more ornate costumed cultures.

Thanks for the suggestion, although it’s more useful for others as I already have a huge pile of leather offcuts I could feasibly make stuff out of. I’ve made some of my own bits, from a quartered leather jerkin to a thick scaled chestpiece.

Don’t know if it would pass muster by the rules as (somewhat confusingly) written, but I think a Linen or Light Canvass Cassock with every inch covered in Sigils, ward signs, calligraphy Incantations etc (in permanent waterproof marker/ink) would be nifty.

the walking scrollcase look…

I don’t think it’d qualify because it does have to be representative of armour. A robe is clearly an item of clothing. I do think it’d look cool though! It’d make a great phys-rep for one of the fancy crafted robes or vestments.

Yeah, I wondered about that, but the way the description is written, Its a bit ‘any colour you like as long as its black.’

Alternatively, you could go for Sculpted Papier Mache armour bits, painted to look like vellum, written on, and then Varnished.

Papier mache is a seriously underrated crafting material. A friend of mine made the base for a wolf head helmet out of the stuff and it was incredibly strong. As long as it’s done with PVA glue and not paste, it’s very durable. I’d certainly consider it for mage armour.

Woven willow or wicker armour segments screams Marchers to me. Find an old chair and wear that. Done!*

  • May require ‘magic’ somewhere to make this work.