Mage staff

Having recently discovered magic, Triska is looking for a staff. I’d like one that is LARP safe ideally in case I want to use it with offensive spells. So far though, there are only a handful of different staves online and the ones that I’ve seen trading at Empire are good but just not really me. I would consider getting one commissioned so it symbolises her night/day magic.

Where did other people get theirs and, for those who have had theirs made, what kind of price did it cost?

I got mine off Saxon Violence for £90 as part of a group deal. He’ll do 10% off on group orders.
Thrust-safe and solidly built like all his polearms.
I would totally recommend a thrust-safe staff as it’s often safer to do a thrust to the chest then be waving polearms about in a close-in fight. Especially if you’re tired.
Irregular props also make some nice collapsible-tip ones, but they’re a bit more blingy.