Magic drugs!


anyone know of any good stories about people under the effects of Freedom of the Soul? Does anyone actually do magic drugs?

also, slightly off topic, could i do 'yes, this is a powerful drug in this vial to make you happy and not colored sugar water. that’ll be 10 rings." OOC they will probably know something is up since i didn’t give them a card with it, but in character… i dont see why not, but i guess i’m just running a potential character idea past everyone


i bloody hope we’re allowed to do that. Imagine the militia having to do a drugs bust. Also it would be funny any ways besides.


Drugs? What do you mean officer, all i have is colored sugar water. its yours for 10 rings.


Maelstrom, the game Profound Decisions ran before Empire, had a load of in-game drug items, and they were hilarious.

Empire has a whole host of things that give roleplaying effects, and that’s the way I’d go if I wanted to do a “magic drugs” character in Empire. Consider this:

That is the roleplaying effect of taking a Tonic of Surging Flame. I think you could concentrate on potions with interesting roleplaying effects purely for the roleplaying effect not the mechanical one (which would still also happen).

Plus, in many ways that’s what the Liao skills allow you to do. I’m not sure how much you’d need to dress it up to stay on the right side of the synod, but the anointing and hallowing effects sure sound like fun things to play with: Auras.


A snake oil seller? Why not! Depends how you do it, if you try to pass something off as one of the known potions that might get you in IC trouble pretty quickly, but if you make your own and clearly sell them as your own it could be fun. It may not be a long term character once word gets around but that’s not a reason not to do it. Make it a fun roleplay experience and people will be more likely to give you their cash…


This was actually done at the last event.


The Night Magic boosting potion has some pretty strong role playing side effects and I know of at least one person who took it despite not being a mage…