Magical Implements

I’m still not super clear on some of the rules surrounding wands, rods and staves. I realise that you need to use one of the three to cast offensive spells, and you need ‘battle mage’ to use a staff.

I’m planning to be a mage for my next character but I’m currently not planning on taking any combat skills. If my only spells are the three cantrips and the regular spells, do I need an implement to cast those? Or is it all good to use hand gestures, vocals and other props? The weapons page claims that wands and rods enhance healing and battle spells, respectively, but I can’t find any more info on that: does it mean any wand/rod, or is it referring to specific wands and rods made by artisans?

Does ritual magic need any implements, or again, is that all props, chants, instruments - whatever I want to use?

No, no implement is required to cast those, unless you were trying to swift cast them in combat, which is very unlikely.

Any implement is required to deliver offensive spells or swift-cast spells in combat. Otherwise you can only cast regular spells over 30 seconds.

Artisan-made items can further enhance spellcasting in a variety of ways, such as by granting you knowledge of a spell or giving you free castings of it. I think this latter point is what the weapons page is telling you.

Zero requirement for implements - just appropriate roleplaying, which can be practically anything.

Bear in mind that any magical items (such as a staff that magically enhances ritual magic) require an appropriate physrep.


If you are ritual casting (2 mins appropriate role play) and not on the battlefield then your staff physrep can be actual wood - one of my options is.

If you are doing magic on the battlefield, then your items should be larp safe foam and latex construction.

If you are spell casting and required to touch someone with the implement to finish the casting then your item must be larp safe.


Thank you both! The thing that really tripped me up was the weapons page mentioning that wands and rods were good for certain types of spells, so I didn’t know if that meant they were required for said spells or not.

If you are ritual casting (2 mins appropriate role play) and not on the battlefield then your staff physrep can be actual wood - one of my options is.

@CharlieP That’s great! I’ve got a nice wooden walking stick that I was hoping to use as a ritual prop and wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate compared to a great big fancy LARP staff. Obviously I won’t be hitting anyone with it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Depending on the weather and therefore the amount and depth of Anvil mud I sometimes appreciate a 3rd leg, in the form of a nice piece of cherry wood that came out my front garden. I’ve added decorations appropriate to my group and nation, which also makes it a bit less likely to be put down and mislaid!

I do have a larp safe staff also, and if I need to swap I just transfer some of the decorations and the item ribbon to that instead.