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So my current character I’m currently working on him becoming a battle mage and I’m looking at Armour
Because of being in the league I have the mask shown below, as I wear it into battle anyway I’m wondering if by painting it with runes and arcane looking patterns would it pass as mage armour rather than a circlet??

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Not forgetting ribbons. There’s a corner of the League brief somewhere (I think it’s bridge fighting) in which ribbons carry a sense of prestige, martial prowess and skilled trash talk. Think of a poncy version of “my conker is a 45er”. They’ve always struck me as an ideal way to mage-armour, particularly when you’ve got that lovely band to tie them to and increase the cranial coverage.

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The Mage Armour section on the Wiki only mentions a circlet for the head slot - your best bet is to email PD and ask for an official ruling. If you do, then please do come and let us know what the answer is!



The rule of thumb seems to be: “Does the person wearing this look like a mage?”
If the mask was painted with runes, a gem, and some fancy ribbon. And there was other armour that also said “I AM MAGE. HEAR ME SPELL” then yea I can see it working.
If in doubt Rules @ profounddescions is the place to ask (FYI don’t know the actual addy)

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