Maille durability?


The wire I bought is 14 gauge but I guess 16 gauge works too. tbh the wire I bought back then is quite expensive. I’ll link it but I think you could maybe get it cheaper local if you google it or maybe a better deal on Amazon.

Same wire but 3 of them (The one I got)

If you want to go a step further and want to make riveted mail then it is better not to get this kind of coated wire.

Pliers I use, much better than any other pliers I have used so far. They are small and have a spring.
(You need 2 of them)

The steel rod I bought online too cause I am a lazy bast***

You can prob find this one locally as this particular one was shipped from the US.

and the drill and boltcutters should be easy to find locally as well.

To be honest this is quite a expensive way of making chainmail but I did mostly as a hobby.
But if you’d rather make your own chainmail than buy some cheap stuff then I wish you all the luck and don’t give up!


Most metal stockists (sellers) don’t publish prices on the web: they only publish lists of what they sell. You have to call them or email them to ask about prices. As an example for stainless (rather than galvanised) steel, here is a page that just lists the various alloys, diameters etc. without prices:

An exception with a web-shop:

I found those and a load of others with a quick web-search:

Alternatively, use Yellow Pages or similar to see if you have any local wire stockists you can visit, to save on shipping costs.


2nd link was perfect just what I was looking for thx btw :ok_hand:


How’s it going so far, I’d love to see what you have made.


Been busy with College haven’t been able to do much LARP preparation but will have over Christmas and until the next event. Ill try and post something when I do make progress.