Maille durability?


I’ve been working on chainmail mantle when I got some time to waste and I was wondering how it would hold up in the field and what experience other people have had with this kind of maille,

It is made from 14 gauge stainless steel which is pretty strong and a pain in the *** to use, as you can see in the picture the rings are pretty small but idk the exact diameter and it is butted chainmail.

(the coif is butted steel too but not stainless)

close up before it got painted

It’s still a work in progress and getting larger every time.
Also how would this count as armour?


Steel is heavy, aluminium is medium


Against larp weapons, it should hold up really well. If you can move in it, then I see no problem. If you do something crazy and really put the connections under pressure then they may come apart but I can’t think of anything that you could do to do this in a larp battle other than standing in front of the enemy and trying to rip it apart to show your strength but why would you do that? Even if you did do this you would probably need a fair amount of strength and a good angle but I don’t know much about ripping chainmail open so I couldn’t give you any details.

A big problem for butted chainmail is if anything gets in between the links then they can be forced open so basically, don’t jump onto anything pointy.

Remember that, with larp, safety is key so you aren’t going to be put through so much that it would break your armour otherwise it would probably break you as well. Being stainless steel, it should hold up against weather damage, which is probably the biggest problem for all larp equipment.


Mail tends to hold up pretty well, with a couple of notable stress areas. Make sure those are taken care of well and it will serve you fine.

One is the neckline. A particular culprit here are square corners or similar, which allow the weight of the mail to all pull on one ring and tear it open - and then when it falls out, the process repeats with a second. The basic fix is to use a rounded neckline. You can make it more secure by reinforcing with cord or riveted links.

The other is the armpits. Bad construction in the armpits can cause them to be ripped open by the movement of the arms. Make sure there’s enough mail there and again consider reinforcing with riveted links. However, a hole in the armpit isn’t that much of an issue in LRP, so it’s not as much of a concern.


Also what do you guys think of non metal helmets for aesthetic purposes?


I think it depends on a few things. The first is it design: It’s size, shape, colour and material. You need to think of the nation you are part of. This will effect your choice of headwear. I think certain head pieces would require you to wear something over the chain mail to pull it off such as a tabard. You don’t actually have to wear a helmet at all if you think it would be easier. Lots of people go around with their head out. We aren’t really supposed to hit the head so the only reason you would wear a helmet is for the look or if you feel like you don’t want to take any chances.


Some non-metal helmets look good.
Apart from aesthetics, a helmet also

  • contributes towards having enough cover to give extra hits (though only two or three hits if it’s made of light or medium stuff), and
  • gives OOC protection for the player’s head, against things like falling down, failing to notice a low branch, being kicked accidentally while on the ground etc.


I’m assuming though that in this situation, their chain mail will cover shoulders and all of the torso which means they would already have all three locations covered and wouldn’t need the helmet, also if they are wearing chain mail but a non-metal hat then it wouldn’t count towards the three. I did forget that a helmet could do that though so thank you for reminding me. I hope I don’t sound like I’m trying to devalue your comment with mine, I was simply adding to it with my opinions and thoughts.


No, that’s fine. I was just commenting about (non-metal, therefore light or medium) helmets in general, rather than only in the context of the maille that Rashka might end up wearing.

But torso-and-shoulders is not enough on its own. It needs to be torso plus one other location: for example,

  • torso and arms (not just shoulders) or
  • torso and upper arms (not just shoulders) and upper legs.



Ah okay, I thought that the shoulders would be enough. Well it says a circlet also counts so they could just have a chainmail band around their head to get the final pieces.


A circlet is for Mage Armour, not for normal armour.
If you were looking at Mage Armour rules earlier, that would explain why you were talking about “three locations” (instead of torso plus one) and thinking that shoulders would count.
(…though even for Mage Armour, both shoulders together count as just one location.)


Ah, I understand. I personally am a mage. I was considering maybe becoming a battle mage so that is why I know about the mage armour location instead of normal armour location. I have decided now though to go down a different route as a mage. Thank you again for correcting me.


Also, mage armour should generally not look like normal armour (i.e chainmail)


Disagree on that one chief, chainmail can be mage armour depending on how it’s used. From the Marcher look and feel page;

Mage armour is often from similar materials - fabric, leather and possibly pieces of chain mail - in both natural and household colours, but is more likely to be adorned and decorated with elements of no immediately obvious use.


Ah, fair enough.


Just out of curiosity are you making it yourself and if so where are you getting the materials? Been looking to get my own Armour is it better to make it yourself?


you mean the helmet or the maille?


Either :+1:


The helmet I prob won’t make but the maille I made myself. I bought quite a bit of stainless steel a while back and what I do is I got a 3/8 inch metal rod which I drilled a hole in. I insert the steel wire in there and put the rod in a drill. then I turn the rod and the steel wire will form rings around the rod. I then take out the steel rings and cut them up into individual rings. I close them up and put them together. I will link a video that was really helpful.

I would do as the guy recommends using at first a different colour ring to connect them, Makes it so much easier.

If you want some links for the equipment I use I can link them later if you need it.


You know where I can buy some decent stainless steel 16 gauge wire? been looking on amazon etc. Been pointed towards the wording of electric fencing as its the same stuff but more, for cheaper like 400m for £25 cheaper. Any links to particular products would be greatly appreciated i want to make my own rings cause pre made ones are hecka expensive. :+1: