Making money IC at Empire

Money apparently makes the world go round and the Way certainly has some strong opinions on how to create prosperity and spread it :slight_smile:.

But how do you make money IC as a character at Empire? It’s a perennial question so I thought I’d ask it again and see what we can come up with.

Legwork and connections.

I’ve made connections that I can call on when I’m short on coin, and rich in material, or vise versa, and just going to where I think I could make a profit has earnt me 1 or 2 crowns more than I would have just sitting there in the same circles.


General answer - Some basic methods:
Resource: everyone gets something. Business and Farm come as cash. Mines and Forests give resources to sell. Mana is expensive because expended. Fleet / Mil Unit give Stuff. Congregation - sell liao or votes or both.
Time: Watch your fire for safety, take part in your ritual, summarise what happened at Conclave. Be a messenger, secretary. Never underestimate the power of the guy who writes down what we decided.
Persuasion: please give me money to do This Thing.
OC things: cake, jewellry, kit,
IC business: pub, teahouse, dating agency, auction, assorted performers Usually requires combining OC stuff and time.
Influence: Senatorial proposals. Votes in Synod or Conclave. AM / GM time in Conclave. Plenipotentiary.
Plot Foreign power diplomacy, Eternal wrangling, Also included here is crime - basic theft, mugging, blackmail.
Batllefield loot: Not reliable or risk free, but possible
Trading Buy low, keep it until the price goes up. Can also be comission for finding given resource within timescale. Renting money / resources / magic items also comes in here.

That should start you out.


Sees battlefield loot…

Bloody maggots.

  1. Use what you have got - if you have a valuable oc skill that equates to an Ic thing leverage that. Prime examples here are writing, music and art. But you could widen this - teaching IC the fine art of Bladework or any number of IC mentorships would all work.

This is the best way to make money. You are investing your skill in this one.

  1. Use your time and/or oc cash - tea shops, bars and other such establishments can make an excellent revenue stream but that is only ever in exchange for the most valuable thing you have which is your IC time. They often have an OC cost too, but it is quite possible to minimise that through your OC time baking or brewing. This is all about investing your time, IC and OC.

This is the best way to make money. Time is something everyone has and you have ensured you have a “thing” to do on the field that will cause you to meet and rp with lots of people.

  1. Find a niche. It might be you are the Empire’s foremost expert on Apples. You can make that your baby, you can literally write the book on it. Or perhaps you are willing to spend hours digging through the wiki looking for every reference to dire penguins. Your knowledge and patience with the obsessions of some of the setting writers is worth something. Making the definitive guide on something is saleable.

This is the best way to make money. Whenever your pet subject comes up you can make money and provide game for yourself. You might get called as an expert witness to the Senate, or get a judgement to support your teachings through the Senate. All are good game.

  1. Specialise in Trade - find a single commodity/consumable and try to be a real player in that market. You might decide that because your group has a few mana sites but no ritualists that you want to leap into that. Work out the field price, work out your price. Buy up the mana you find cheap, sell under the price of the moe expensive readers you find. Become the GOTO for emergency mana needs. Make mana and empower the Empire.

This is the best way to make money. Specalising gives a very real, and very achievable goal that is all about taking your commodity in and selling out with a margin attached meaning every single transaction makes you future profit or realises that profit. Ride the margin wave and feel every ripple in your market, all the while roleplaying with loads of people loaded with game themselves. The fun never ends.

  1. Dedicate your game to the commodities. Why would you specialise when you can reap the profits from every market. Run a ledger, attend auctions, watch the senate decisions. Every single conversation could render you a little more profit, every overhead discussion on political or military matters offer you an opportunity. By playing across multiple markets you can switch to the needs present and ensure you are always making an edge. Your boot leather, your smile and your meticulously kept ledger will mean there is always a little coin to be made if you want to.

This is the best way to make money. Every wind of fortune creates a space for you to make money, or spread the largesse if you want to appear philanthropic, and every ambition of every player on the field has the chance to make game for you.

There are other ways of course, including being a Senator, getting a big sack of cash to spend on building an army and running away to an Asavean holiday spot with it, but these felt like they keep you in game, rather than leaving it :slight_smile:


I set out to make good money for my household, and here’s how my thought process went.

“I need a market. What do people buy at Empire?”
“Well, that’s a big market already. Plenty of bars everywhere! I’ll need to find a niche. What haven’t I seen sold much on the field?”
“Decent cider”
“Great, guess I’ll make that then!”

Making something at home that people are going to want in the field! Cider could be cake, biscuits, pies, even fruit!


Patience. Branding. These have been covered above but they are the things that have worked well for us.


I usually bake something and/or sell some hand painted things from my 3d printer.

Doesnt get you bourse level profits though!

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An example from E3 last year.

A Brass Coaster came looking for wains for sale and we told him our price. He knew that someone else was buying for half a throne more than we were charging and asked if we were happy for them to make that margin. In their first deal he made a throne. By the following day, they had moved enough and to enough people that they had made enough cash to afford 2 wains themselves AND still have enough to trade on next event. It was boot leather and determination that made them money. And a good memory as to where all those people on the field :slight_smile:


Gosh, I clearly need to hire this person!

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I’m planning to sell various baked goods (mostly savouries) at my first event, so hopefully I’ll be gaining income that way! (for context, Dawnish yeoman)

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