Making my own armour/weapons

Hello everyone, next event will be my first time playing and I’m really looking forward to it. Me and my friend decided to make our own armour and weapons. My question is if there are any restrictions or any safety guidelines we should be aware of.
I’m making kite shield and sword.

Hi Vashi!

The safety guidelines on larp weapons and shields are quite extensive and stringent - those used by Empire’s weapon checkers are here on the wiki:

There’s a strong temptation, when looking at the cost of larp weapons, to think you must be able to do it cheaper and/or better at home. I’m sorry to say the fact is, no, you can’t. The materials are specialised and expensive to source in small quantities (and in the case of isoflex sealant, properly toxic). Save your coin and buy a shiny new weapon at your first event! Save your effort and invest it in your soft kit/props/accessories!

(If you’re actually an experienced larp-weapon-maker and just new to Empire, I apologise…)

Armour is less challenging to do safely - basically, no sharp edges or pointy hard bits, nothing that will shatter, keep an eye on the minimum thicknesses to count as armour - they’re at the same link above.


Welcome Vashi, to the forums and the game!

I’m afraid that as noted, weapons-making is damn hard. Given that you are going to be thumping people with them, there is a pretty stringent level of safety needed.

I’ve seen several friends spend long hours trying to make their own weapons, only for them to be “failed” at weapons-check…

…a shield… is easier, but still has some restrictions. You don’t want it too heavy, or with hard edges, or anything spiking out.

Armour can be done, and I’ve made and adapted my own on a few occasions. Leather, metals, resins, and so on. The simplest way of thinking about this is “if your friend trips and falls onto it face-first, will they be okay…”?

There will be weapons traders at the next event. Many of them. There may well be friends in your nation willing to lend, or even sell, you 2nd hand weaponry.

(There is even a remote possibility of you being at GOD for the free-cycling of lost property, and grabbing a weapon for free…)

But I do NOT reccomend building your own weapons before your first event. Even if you are an experienced LARPer, a good look at the safety standard and acceptable construction methods at Empire would be helpful.

Now, if you’ve picked out a nation, I can likely point you in the direction of several people who can make suggestions as to armour construction in the right style, or perhaps lend/sell you some spares, or just chat about it.

There are also Facebook groups for each nation, should that interest you.


Thank you for the link. I haven’t even looked at the prices I just wanted to make my own shield and sword as it would be amazing to fight with something I made plus I can customise it however I want. My friend I mentioned is skilled and has good knowledge of how to work with potentially toxic material. The plan is to make base of each item out of wood and then cover it in foam.
I will probably get armour at the event.

I’m afraid that that’s not going to pass weapon checking according to the wiki (as linked above):

The core of the weapon must be made of an appropriate material such as fibreglass or carbon fibre - not of aluminium, wood or bamboo

If you’re set on doing this, you’ll need to read through the relevant wiki pages back to back to make sure you’re complying, and you’ll probably want to look for online guides for advice on the actual process.

Bear in mind that your weapons and armour must be checked and passed by a weapons checker at an event before use - if they don’t pass something then you will not be allowed to use it and you could find yourself having invested a lot of time and expense for nothing. Be prepared for that potential outcome, especially if you and your friend have never made LARP-safe weaponry before.


I will echo everyone else: do not make your own LARP weapons. Buy them from experts; it’s cheaper, easier and safer.

Also please for the love of god do not make them out of wood.


Alright thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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Why no weapon out of wood, is it because it can hurt other people?

Exactly this. Wood is a bad former as it’s inflexible, heavy (or can be), can be sharp, and can splinter within the latex. The best cores are fibreglass or carbon fibre as they are light, supple, and if they break they tend to do so in rounded breaks.


I see! Thank you for the explanations