Making Tents

Your low budget, easy to make, transport and pitch tent option is a simple wedge tent, that only needs two poles, with minimal ropes, or two plus a ridge pole with No ropes, and sleeps two with very little effort or expenditure.

Put two of those together with a fly and you have tents for four, and a communal area, and you can add more tents to the mix in almost infinite permutations.

Here’s a very rough & ready sketch, … 20tent.pdf

That design needs only simple straight seams, which should be sewn as a flat-felled seam. Always match straight of grain to Bias if joining a triangle to any other piece.

For Canvas, Whalleys of Bradford.

If you use 108" canvas, you don’t even need to sew the middle seam.

I’ve made a couple of fairly serious tents, on domestic sewing machines. It’s a lot easier than you may think.
Mine were along these lines,

Hob of the Culloch

some other resources, … t&catid=73


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What kind of canvas do you use? Is there a specific type or just regular canvas fabric from the website that was linked to.

As an aside, here’s a related link: Medieval Pavillion - Craft Tutorials