Making wepons


so i was looking into trying to make a few weponds and such as things like throwing knive can get lost very easly while other weponds can be hard to find unless the cost alot to get them done as a one off.

just wanted to know if anyone has any good rescorse or tips on the matter. thanks


My advice to new larpers regarding making weapons is: don’t.

It’s quite hard to do, generally quite expensive, and there’s no guarantee your weapons will pass safety checks.


You can find a guide here if you’re really interested


thresher speaks wisdom. Get into making larp weapons because you love the idea of making them, not to save money - because you won’t.


While I understand what you mean, especially about the throwing weapons, the only thing I can suggest is making a batch of something very cheaply…?

I made (for other systems) a couple of dozen “fire-and-forget” throwing daggers, from furniture foam and gaffa tape.

They looked pretty awful, but it cost me less than £10 to make about 30, and if I lost them I didn’t care. I suspect that’s a good thing to start with: something cheap and coreless and simple.

Anything more complex than that… I really wouldn’t…


As others have hinted, pretty much all of the relevant materials (plastazote, liquid latex, evostik of the right kind, isoflex-primer, carbon/fibreglass rods etc.) are highly uneconomical to buy in the small quantities that would be appropriate for one or two weapons (or in some cases, not available at all except in bulk quantities).

But yes, throwing-knives can be made quite cheaply and easily, and with less risk of ending up with things that fail safety-check.