Making your own group for fun and profit

Empire is a game that’s more fun to play if you’ve got your own group, but if you’re a new player that can be pretty daunting. So this thread is for some advice on how to go about doing that.

What things did you consider when you set up your group? What are the most important things to think about? Are there any pitfalls you’ve learned about group creation since the start of Empire? Is making sure your characters complement each other mechanically important? Would you recommend a group having a specific focus? What are some of the practical problems you need to think about when camping together? And how do you make sure you all stay friends and don’t want to strangle each other :slight_smile:.

So what would you tell new players about making their own groups?

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Some people will really enjoy the roleplaying experience of being backstabbed by the person they thought was their greatest ally in their moment of triumph. Other people will not. It’s sensible to decide whether your group is open to, eager for, or against internal pvp.

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Come up with a ‘key selling point’ for your group. Something that you can use to explain the group to members and others in a few sentences. Pick something punchy and short (you can expand on this idea later). For example “Highguard chapter dedicated to hunting down Heralds at all costs”.

Work out a look and feel for your group. Again, this can be expanded on but a simple outline helps to start with.

Come up with a name. Most nations have a suggested naming pattern for the groups.

A group background always helps. This can be huge and detailed, or short and simple.

Pretty much every nation now has a list of prominent groups on the wiki. Have a look at current groups and their colours, banners and ideology so you can see what other groups exist within the nation. That way you can a) find a niche for yourself b) get inspiration for your own group.

For the others type in ‘Prominent’ in the search box on the wiki and they’ll all come up.


I think our group is the opposite.

The group was designed as a base for all of us to start and end the day together. Our characters all have their own agenda for each day but we all support each other as and when needed.

It works really well for us too


@wwellsy how do you work out who sets up and keeps your camp squared away?

Some good points there thresher.

Agree what you all want out of the game and the group within it. A social node, a military powerhouse, a political cabal, or what.

A little bit of out-of-character social contract. One of the simplest declarations with my first Empire group was “everyone is IC loyal to the group, at character generation”, meaning that we started with no internal PvP, but with the possibility of the game and events driving a character into treason.

You will also want to agree on contributions to group stuff. Who’s getting the tents, the food, the beer? Who’s doing most of the set-up? Who’s running things OOC? An efficient way to destroy a group is to leave one guy handling the financial and labour costs for a group, feeling taken for granted, and leaving with the group tent and set dressing…

Work out what contributions can be made. Costumes, set dressing, tents, food, drinks, props, time, cash, washing up… everybody needs to pitch in to some extent. Even if all you can do is be around to help unpack and packup the group tent and camp, that could be a godsend.

In game contributions. Check that everyone is keen about what they’re doing on the field. “We need an X, you can play our X…” is a likely way to get your group X to never come back.

And for planning a new group in Empire, which has some lush costumes and wonderful immersion… sort out the colour scheme and/or group imagery as soon as possible, as a group. Plenty of advance notice is needed to make individual costumes with a unified look.


Your IC leader does not have to be your OC leader, ditto the money person. Delegation for large groups is the key, do not have one person responsible for everything, they’ll burn out, and the rest of you will be stuck when their car throws a wobbly on the way to site!

If you plan to do group food, you will probably have to accept that getting everyone together for a sit down meal is unlikely. The meeting schedule for Empire is very busy, even more so if you have anyone with an imperial title. Some way to keep things warm, make meals portable, or plan for things to be picked at, buffet style is usually needed. Also do appreciate your cook, offer to help with prep, fetch water or wash up or it can be a lonely job.


We have two or three who arrive Thursday and sort out the “floor plan” as such. They also get wood, benches and there own small IC tents sorted.

Then when we arrive with the 5m bell tents I usually put that up while the people I travel with empty the car, make drinks etc

In terms of the group during time in, we all just chip in as and when needed. No one is expected to do anything but every appreciates that they should try and do something to keep things easy for everyone.

Even the kids have litter duty or water duties so they can help too


Coming from a different angle, I just started talking to people who I liked and was eventually asked to join a striding. Don’t think you have to have a group to have a good time, finding new people to hang with is all part of the fun of Empire!

I have ideas, but they aren’t coherent. Here, have a brain-splodge of thoughts!

Have an idea of what different people enjoy or hate doing, both IC and OC.
For example, I suggested that we make a rota for heating through our hot meals, but my hubby said that wasn’t necessary because he enjoys it. The thought that someone might want to do it hadn’t even crossed my mind!

OC chores still have to be done during time in. For example, if your mates always prepare food and drink for you post-battle, make sure you a) appreciate it and b) see if you can contribute in turn.
If you are often away from camp doing IC things so it’s difficult to do a specific OC role, try to do what you can to help out when you aren’t busy (there’s always water jars to be filled, litter to be picked, firewood to be stacked, food to be put away, whatever). Don’t let one person end up doing all the OC labour so you can have fun IC.

Avoid one person/group of people shouldering too much if possible, and if it’s unavoidable (say, they are the only people that can store the IC tents in real life) do what you can to help them out. And maybe if they do the majority of the work during time out, take on more of the OC chores during time in.

Don’t assume that just because someone was happy to [do job x] at the first event means that they are happy to [do job x] forever. Keep checking in. Swap stuff around if needs be.

Not everyone can contribute equally - some people have more time, some have more money. Those who can drive can bring more stuff but have to spend hours loading and unloading, those who can’t drive usually have to spend a lot more time and money travelling and lugging around heavy bags on trains. Some people may have illnesses or difficulties that prevent them from helping in particular ways. Try and find a way for everyone to contribute according to their ability to do so.