Mana Crystal Physreps

I’m planning to attend Empire for the first time next year as part of a new League Guild (possibly as its Merchant Prince). While reading the Empire Wiki I noted that mana crystals are supposed to require phyreps but I have heard that this rule is often overlooked. My assumption is that while there are many sources of suitable crystals, the cost adds up if you want to buy as many as you might need (e.g. at least 7 if you have a mana site as your personal resource).

I have therefore acquired a quantity of small clear quartz crystals that I think would be suitable to sell as uncharged mana crystals for a few rings apiece (exact cost to be negotiated in person).

Hopefully this will help bring in a few crowns for my guild as well as increasing the total number of mana crystal physreps in game.

Slightly unhelpfully the grid in the photo is 21mm


If that grid is 2.1mm a square, then those crystals are as grains of rice… if you meant 2.1 cm, or even inches, then I think you’ll be able to sell a few of those.

Note that while, yes, phys-reps are generally requested, people often wave about a few of them, trade the cards and not the props, and use the props for next time.

You might well be able to sell them at a ring or two apiece (prices vary, you’ll have to check on the field), as those would be particularly nice phys-reps. But don’t count on making much money on them.


Thanks for pointing out the order of magnitude! Now edited.

With something like this where each crystal is different I think that the fun will be in the sale rather than the profit.


Yep I’ve been using the same jar of plastic crystal beads for all my Mana since I started right at the beginning. You wave them around in rituals and keep a few in the pouch of the cards you might trade but then hand in the cards and keep the phys reps.

However looks like there are going to be a lot of newbies at the next event who may need phys reps and those look really cool, and you may also get some people after them to add to jewellery too.


Pretty sure that grid is 5ft wide surely (slaps own wrist)

Those physreps are lovely though, and the advice given above about waving these around when you are using them and then palming cards to the people you are trading with (or ripping them to denote ‘used’) is the norm.
Best practice is to ensure that the player you are trading/working with also has a physrep to keep with the cards. It’s not always easy to socially manage as it can occasionally be awkward if they don’t, but I have in the past gifted new players a cheap physrep so that they can go out and play with their resources with other people. It makes the game better for everyone if we keep the physreps visible and the cards hidden as much as possible. :slight_smile:

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In my current Dungeons and Dragons 5E game we’re in a temple with a large crystal that we need to charge up in order to power a ritual. Perhaps in Empire it would work better IC to talk about charging crystals with mana. Mana could therefore be sold by transferring the power from one set of crystals to another or you could consider charging a little extra if the buyer has no receiving crystals and you have cheap physreps you’re willing to part with. Even if you didn’t, this notion of transferring mana from crystal to crystal would clarify that you were selling the power and not the physrep.

While you could drop a line to PD, at the moment I doubt they would make a large change like that to the game without some serious thought! :slight_smile: