Mana Crystals

I’m thinking of giving my character some ritual casting abilities, but they have a congregation rather than a mana site as a personal resource. How much could somebody get a mana crystal for in Anvil do you think? I wouldn’t need many. Thanks for the help.

It really varies across the field, depending on the auction prices and current demand. Normal resources sit at around a crown a piece, mana being more important normally goes for at least half again. More exact than that, I’m afraid you have to see what price you can get in play!


Ok, thanks ^^

Additionally, demand varies throughout the weekend and field.

At the Regio (big magic circle), you might get a better price as folk go “aargh we just need 2 more!” Before the battle you might get a better price as folk go “a few crystals n hand would be useful…” At the start of the event, prices might be low as people open their character packs, while at the end they might be low (“nah, I’ll wait for next event and my trading ship to return”) or high (“I just need to get this last enchantment cast…”)…

Alas, as noted, building a frame of reference and establishing a firm price is something to be done in the field.

Some of the newspapers print commodity values (“Tempest Jade prices continue to be low, but Welstilver is steadily ticking up. Meanwhile, the international demand for Iridescent Gloaming…”) but these may be a useful guidline, or a deliberate inflationary measure, or an outright lie, or all of the above…


In general, priests are skint and rituals are expensive. OTOH, if someone wants you to cast a ritual for them you can often get both the mana for the ritual and a little extra cash for your time and skills from the person who wants the ritual cast, so you don’t necessarily need your own mana supply if you want to cast rituals on other people.

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