Marcher Tactics in Combat

Hi! I was just wondering what kind of tactics marchers use in combat as I didn’t want to plan a weapon combo that isn’t much use. I’m aware of the bill blocks, but is that the majority of the marchers force? Are they mostly heavily armoured with bills or is there light infantry too? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Ive seen them field all sorts but the core is the bill block, it feels like everything else orbits or supports that force.

You basically can’t go wrong by getting a sword and buckler.

  • Every single one of your Empire PCs can use this if they want to.
  • They are a great sidearm combo for if your main weapon is Shattered.
  • There’s at least 2 ways to temporarily upgrade you to use a polearm, and people pack spare polearm physreps.

I got years of fun out of a Physick/heavy Armour/Sword and Buckler combo, being highly mobile and hard to stop a chainmail shirt and Relentless goes a long way towards the arrow problem. If you’re playing a Physick, you’re arguably better with a sword and buckler. They’re great for defence, get in the way less, and don’t make people think you belng at the front.


The other main “troop type” that’s called out in the Marcher brief are Beaters who are your scout/skirmisher types often with bows, but archers can always do with someone with a sword and buckler to guard them and move quickly to help harry the enemy.

Also, what @Jim said :slight_smile: .