Medium Armour example?

Just as the title says! I was trying to prepare for a League artisan and wondering how well medium armour would be for the Nation? Has anyone got any picture examples of some??

Quite a few Leaguers use medium armour, which under the new rules will basically be any of the heavy leather.
The brief suggests that asymmetric armour is popular for bravos (eg armouring your leading arm), but this isn’t done that often in the field. I think primarily because most of our fighters who have invested heavily in armour phys reps haven’t gone down that line.

I tend to bring a set of spare leather armour with me to events for new fighters to borrow, and I know a few others do too, but those tend to be quite generic sets I’m afraid. Generally people go with more basic armour, but then ‘League it up’ by combining it with appropriate soft kit. The nicest League medium armour I’ve seen is worn by Kirsty March/Aureliana di Sarvos. It is symmetrical, but well taillored and decorated. Sadly, I don’t have any decent reference pics to hand. If you are super keen then I could ask her for some.

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