Mixed Armour and requirements for armour

Say i were to wear leather torso, and leather shins, thats not enough to count as medium armour and get the global hits.

If i were to then wear some plate bracers, would that then fulfill the medium armour requirements?

As far as I understand it, I’m afraid not.

For a suit of armour, to gain the extra hits, you need coverage on torso + another location (head, arms, legs).

Leather torso + shins + plate bracers IS enough coverage to be a suit, but it default to the lowest category. You are wearing 1 location light, 1/2 location light, 1/2 location heavy.

To get that suit to medium armour, you’d have to be wearing some pretty heavy leather (or better) on the torso, and similar greaves (on the shins).

The recent changes to the armour rules have meant that a lot of what was medium armour (non-steel chain, aluminium scale, resin plate) is not classed as heavy. This may mean that quite a bit of it is available for sale?

Thought maille/chain (ali, steel, or mixed) was automatically classed as heavy, not medium, under the rejig of armour rules?

Because my character is a heavy physik (8 global hits) and first play was in a set of borrowed ali maille that covered torso and arms (to wrists)

Legs were constantly cleaved, but global hits were set at 8.

(Which has given me due reason to steal my friend’s riveted steel maille for E1 for further heavy physiking fun times)

ok thank you, the leather is thicker than 3mm (like the armour page says) so it’s medium , i wasn’t sure if armour counts for all lower categories.

yeah, the reason i’m bringing the bracers is that they’re my dad’s old ones from when he did larp back in the 90’s and i wanted to carry on the legacy, bit of an heirloom armour as it were.

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Heavy leather torso (medium) + metal bracers (heavy, 1/2 arms) means you’ll still need to upgrade the shins to get a suit of medium armour and the bonus hits. Luckily, medium/heavy greaves are pretty easy to acquire.

I can reccomend White Rose Apperel, they did me a pair of metal greaves and padding for less than £30. Prices could have gone up since though :stuck_out_tongue:

oh the shins are the same material as the torso, they’re Larpinn’s ulric set.

(goes and looks them up)

Yeah, I would probably categorise that lot as medium armour. Yeah, the plate bracers should supply enough coverage to bump that up to a full set of medium armour with heavy elements (so if you get shot in the bracers, you can ignore that IMPALE? Unlikely but possible)

Personally, I’d be after some shoulderpads to go with that torso, but that’s more personal preference than rules.

The way to think about multiple types of armour and hit points is that the lowest grade of armour you need to get ‘full coverage’ is what determines your hit points.

Full coverage is torso + head, legs or arms (or half legs + half arms/equivalent).

So if you have light torso, medium lower legs, heavy lower arms, the lowest grade of armour you’re using to get full coverage is light, and you get +2 hits. Upgrade that to a medium torso and you get +3 hits. Upgrade again to a heavy torso and you still only get +3 hits, since your medium lower legs are still necessary to meet the coverage requirement.

Since the torso is always a mandatory part of armour coverage, you can’t ever get more hits from armour than the highest grade of armour you’re wearing on your torso.

Regardless of what level of armour you are wearing for hits, each individual piece of armour still protects against special calls which hit it as per the actual grade of that armour.