Monstering EMU spaces?

Hi Navarr!

How does one go about joining the monstering emu for the big battles? I’m a rank amateur, e1 was my first larp, so if it’s an invitation deal I shall carry on being a random barbarian until I have the necessary experience. Enjoyed monstering but being part of a unit seems like extra fun.
Happy to provide my own monstering outfit etc, I’m already planning on buying and modding an orc mask to better cope with glasses (was fairly blind on the day).

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Hey Fellow Navarri :slight_smile: there’s a really useful Facebook group for it - EMU Empire LRP: Navarr


Righto, I will check there. Thanks for letting me know!

Welcome along Cinderfall, hope you enjoy the EMU :slight_smile:

While it is possible to find a mask able to cope with glasses, it’s a bit random. I reccomend, if you’re in the market for them, buying a spare pair of glasses with a particularly close fit frame, so that they can be worn under the mask, with the corners just sticking out the eyeholes. This helps keep everything in place.


Hi Geoffrey!
That’s a good tip, I tried that out last time with larger glasses and definitely struggled but I’ll give smaller ones a go. In the end I just took them off and walked rather blindly into a few shieldwalls :stuck_out_tongue:
Currently I’m considering making a face cast and then sculpting a prosthetic that would leave the bridge of the nose clear, and bringing my own matching face paint to blend any gaps. Keeping it immersive for the pcs is obviously top priority.


Hey cinderfall I’m one of the captain’s in the Navarr Emu. I make the majority of the costume and do a lot of IC yelling. Join the Facebook group EMU Empire Lrp: Navarr (it also helps if you join Empire Lrp: Navarr while your at it if you haven’t already). Once in please vote on the various polls when they come up (lurker’s tend to get kicked after a few month’s) and enjoy ride.

As for the personal orc mask it’s an ace Idea. Ive got my own and have never looked back. As a fellow glasses wearer I personal go for one day contacts during the event. But I’ve got a tip if that’s not an option. Cut two small slits either side of the masks temple. That way you can slide the frames arms (legs? struts? stems? The bit that rest on your ears) though the slits and wear them externally.

I’ve found wearing them under the mask causes them to fog up something’s fierce.
This method also has the added advantage that the mask helps the glasses stay on.
Also those less inclided to hit a person with spectacles in /about the head and face can take appropriate action :wink:

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Hi Ferrus!
That’s a great idea for glasses. Whether I throw myself into making one or mod one that’s been recommended, I’ll definitely add the slits for the arms. I fogged something chronic too last time :wink:

I’ve joined the fb groups now and I’ll be sure to interact with them, no point in being a passenger.
Thanks for the reply and tips!