Mytholon weapons

Hi everyone, I’m aiming to attend my first event next year and I’m currently in the process of looking at weapons for my character.

Mytholon currently have a sale on where a longsword is about £25. On first appearance this seems too cheap, but the rest of their equipment seems of high quality.

Does anyone know if their swords would pass weapons check? From a construction perspective it sounds right (fibreglass rod, foam, latex etc) but the price is both appealing and off-putting at the same time.

For clarification, it is one of their battle ready swords, not calcamil.


With my mod hat on I’m sorry to say that photos aren’t a reliable way of judging whether something will pass the weapon checks on the field - so we’re not able to say definitively an item is good to go without a weapons checker looking it over on the day.

That said the guidelines for weapons checks can be found here (, and the rules for types of weapons are here ( I’d suggest looking at those first to see if they suggest the weapon would be appropriate or not?

Feel free to ask more questions, but sadly that’s one the community can’t ever answer definitively!



Thanks for getting back to me. On the surface of it, it sounds like it would but I read that the European manufacturers like them and epic armoury have different specs for European larps so I probably won’t risk it.

I need to try and find something that would look suitably Varushkan, as well as a buckler too

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For most players the general recommendation is to buy at an event. All the major UK makers have a stall, and being able to handle them and give it a few swishes will help your choice greatly as the weight and balance of a weapon can make all the difference, something which cannot be worked out from a website. It also means if you take your new purchase to weapons check and they can’t pass it, you can usually go straight back to the traders for a swap.

The usual traders are on the wiki and will be confirmed on the event page for the next event, so you can check over their websites for stock to help narrow down who you’re really interested in, and if there is something you would really like to see do get in contact with them and the sellers will usually be very happy to make sure those go in the van!

There are also various makers who do commissions if you have something specific in mind although having some generic weapons may be a better idea for your purse if your current character is likely to try something epic and possibly gloriously short-lived!

I think I will hold out until I attend then before committing based on this advice, so thank you.

What is the ballpark price for a sword up to 42 inches?

Just so I can budget accordingly :grin:

A wide bracket due to manufacturer, detail, size, style…

for a new single-hander sword you could be looking at anywhere from £50 to £80.

You might want to see if any new friends/co-nationals would be willing to hire/sell you a sword, for your first event.

Many LARPers end up with a fair few swords, several of which are likely to be “not for this character” instead of “used to breaking point”.

Could be worth a shot?

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There are definitely larpers with more weapons than they can reasonably use. I’m one of them!

My current character doesn’t fight, but I still bring 3 swords each event, which have been to far more battles than I ever have, often with the kids in my group, or with someone in my nation who wants an alternative for monstering.

It is always worth asking in your nation group before an event if anyone has a spare they could lend you, or if you want to try something new before you make a purchase say a stab safe spear if anyone would be able to run you through some fight practice with theirs so you can work out if you like it.

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I’d better go and make some friends in my nation then! Hopefully someone will be kind enough to let me try. I think for my character and for Varushka in general, something akin to a falchion would be pretty cool to use.

So if any Varushkan falchion owners are reading, let me know!