Navarr costume lots of black

Hi everyone, long time no chat.

Just wanted to ask, do the navarr wear a lot of black as what ive looked at costume wise id prefer the black over green or brown especially leather armor wise.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not that I’ve seen. It’s on brief, according to the color palette, but it’s not as big as in Highguard.

Thanks Kai, I’ll have to have a look around then :slight_smile:

Stick to green and brown for your base costume where you can. If it’s just armour in black, that will mostly only go on when you head through the Gate, so it won’t matter as much.

If you head too much towards black base layers you will be mistaken for an Unconquered Highborn!


There’s no black on that colour palette The darkest colour is a green, although in bad light it can look blackish next to all those brighter greens (I double checked on my colour picker).

@Nuttynate : If you look over some pictures, you will indeed see black on leather armours because most larpers are likely to have a fair bit of generic black leatherwork. Off-brand colours aren’t banned, but the colour palette is there to say “Try looking for stuff in these colours”. As a rule of thumb, always lean harder into the brief where you can. Small differences against a solid background stand out more than big distinctive ones. Because then you’re “A Navarr, With That One Signature thing” not “Maybe a Navarr, perhaps a Kallavesi, IDK Highguard?” I put one bird skull on my mage armour (because of marcher superstitions on vermin) and I keep getting mistaken for Wintermark somehow XD.

If you have a free choice of colour because you don’t already own things, I’d advise getting brown leatherwork. It goes everywhere, just like black. But it blends into more outfits. Black tends to come across as Generic Larp Armour and stand out from your other kit. Brown blends in. It also looks nicer once it weathers a bit, I find black leather doesn’t tend to look worn-in as well.


Yeah the color palette is “the colours of spring: soft greens and browns, gentle misty greys, and perhaps the dark red of blood”

But if the armour you have already is black then that should be ok if the rest of your costume is greens and browns.