Navarr mana sites?

Where are the navarr mana sites if there are any as I have been looking through the wiki about what region your based in from where your resource is but nowhere does it say about where the mana sites are located?
Does anyone know?

Mana Sites are resources like all the others so it would be based in one of the Navarr territories.

So currently one of these three.

Ah OK thank you my character is from therunin.

Individual mana sites are scattered over all the territories, its only rare, weird and/or potent ones that get called out on the wiki :slight_smile:

Ah OK brilliant.

Stupid question but will I get 7 mana crystals when I get to the event? Just want to make sure therunin doesn’t have any negative side effects on personal resources.

Depends on what the Winds of Fortune say, if you search the wiki for Winds of Fortune and Therunin that should give you an idea if there was anything going on last season. But there will be a reminder before the next event in the Winds of Fortune for that event, so keep an eye out for it :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the information Mark. Hope to see you all in April :smiley:

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From the Winds of War:

I think a 1 rank penalty (20%) is a loss of 1 mana crystal but I’m not certain on that.


Dammit :confused: fair enough.

Thanks for the help, I read that thinking the winter solstice was the last event of the year but its the first, nvm.

Yeah, that catches everyone. First event of the year is always the coldest though, which helps me remember!


It’s worth mentioning that Hercynian mana site owners slightly benefit from the great work impact which as a mana site supporting great work it provide an additional 37 mana crystals split between mana site owners of the territory.

@Cakescoffer randomly what would you say is the distribution of Navarr between territories at the moment?

Where did you find out that 37 mana crystals are split and what you are saying is I travelled far across the land searching far and wide looking for mana crystals and the magic they hold inside :stuck_out_tongue:

The details of your resource are below the abstraction layer. That means you can say whatever you like about how your resource operates (witin reason), but every level one mana site provides 7 mana. It could be a mystic cave thats been in your family for generations that you scrape naturally occurring mana off, it could be a “grow your own mana kit” in your steading’s basement, it could be you wandering the lands searching for mana.
I have a fleet, but it consist of my chracter digging up Barbarian pirate treasure every so often until he settles down a bit.

Brilliant sounds like a great story line :slight_smile: I will cross mountain and Dale to find mana crystals :slight_smile:

A rough rule of thumb id say 30% Miaren, 30% Therunnin, 20% Hercynia, reminder Broceleinde, or Liathaven groups (which serious negative modifiers on resources)

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Mechanics wise it’s 37 mana crystals split defined under Beyond that…

It’s very much down to you where the magic crystals form - they after all magic defined not by mortal minds but by whim. Do you grow them deep beneath elder trees? Dig deep into dark places for magic of ages past? Build complex geometric menhirs to funnel the flow of magic to crystallise? My character collects mana crystals that grow on the sides of markers amongst the rolling banks of heather of the Blade in Hercynia. He likes to think they serve as reminders of those who are gone, which form from the memories of those who walk the spiral to remember.