Navarr night mage armour

I have the battle mage skill and I have started to plan out my mage armour and was wondering what kind of things like runes and items could be included in night mage armour? I already have a set of metal greaves and leather bracers that I plan on hopefully making into mage armour as well as getting some upper chest armour. From what I have read it is best to go for something not too complex and give it a practical magic look rather than overdo it.

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:diras: might feature, subtly of course, as a motif for keeping a valuable item (your body) protected by secrecy.


The forest items (Dragonbone, ambergelt, iridescent gloaming and beggar’s lye) are associated with Night. So armour that looks like it’s made out of bone or ceramic, or has iridescent colours, ‘amber’ decorations or bleached sections. For Navarr designs, these could be subtle rather than loud and obvious, which is also resonant with Night ideas. For extra sneaky, paint on runes in a colour close to the base one of the armour, so they’re not obvious.

Naga trappings and descriptions of Eternals include feathers and scales. So using those motifs in the armour could work.

I used :xun:, Xun, the rune of Transformation on mine. The runes and constellations I drew roughly equate to “Things come together to transform me into a powerful wizard”


I endorse runic inscriptions. They add a magical look to fairly plain stuff.

I have: Blood Battle Transformation Beginning Glory Destiny.

“The blood that you have shed in battle is transformed to mark the beginning of your Glorious Destiny”

Dawnish Healer-mage :slight_smile: