Navarr War Paint

Has anyone got good examples of Navarr war paint? Also how would one go about paing upper and lower arms in this style.

And here’s some excellent arm tattoos :slight_smile:


Here are some photos of my old characters tats.

They were a thorn and a brand which is shown in the tats/warpaint

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Does anyone at anvil do war paint or would I have to do it myself?


Snazz is a pretty good starting point (for in the field), as are waterproof mascra pens etc. Try asking members of a striding you fancy joining (its a great way to get to know people), as I find a lot of people do theres slightly differently.

You’re our Egregore right? I had to deliver letters to you at one point from Raihn - do people sell the necessary paint stuffs IC or do they need purchasing OOC? is my go-to website for facepaint. They do free delivery on quite small orders, and have a good range.