New(ish) player looking for advice re: flame scrying

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I have now attended 2 standard events and King’s Stoke Wassail, as a marcher.
I love my race and I am enjoying the game but as a wheelchair user some options are closed to me.
At the second event my game opened up a little because I learnt about artisans and making things.
At the King’s Stoke Wassail this past weekend, my world opened up even more. Magic became a realistic option and as such i began to really get into the roleplaying.
At one point, i made a statement regarding an ancestor with a gift of flame scrying and that it was possible that I may have inherited said gift.
My question is this, do I need anything special to have such a gift, a specific spell or ritual from specific lore? Or, can I simply roleplay?
If I can simply roleplay, how would I go about knowing what I “See” in the flames?
Thank you for any advice you can give

Both the Night & Day realms of ritual magic have large amounts of divination. Basing such ritual roleplaying around staring into a flame is pretty fitting, especially for low-magnitude solo casting (Signs and Portents being the really obvious one)

The issue would be that this is learned skill, not inherited talent. You could claim it is, even believe it, but it would be mechanically untrue.

“My mentor/village/family has always cast divinations this way” is much more setting appropriate that “I inherited this ability”


Thanks @lostdave I understand this and can easily change how I learnt/know about this skill. I think I will say that my Grandmother started to teach me before she died but now I need more training.

Thanks again

I would agree that Flame scrying would be cool, and the trappings you can wind around it would rock. Powders you can add to fire to change the colour, scents, noises, do you work with a fire bowl, or a candle or both depending on the scale.

Also inherited abilities are not the norm (I know of non) but the method of teaching being handed down the family is an awesome and more accessible way. Allowing you to “teach” it IC if you so wish.

Hello again. I was the player of Brother Martin the Bullshit Naga, and as you might have guessed, I love rituals and making up connections.

Simple fortune telling doesn’t require any rules. Just learn a bit of cold-reading, light a candle and have fun. Or even easier, have a read of the Winds of Fortune before the event and “see” some of those in a flame at the event. Put it down to hearth magic and fate. This page might help you. it won’t give you any effects, butit’s a nice bit of “I’m a wizard” fluff. Empire doesn’t really do special abilities, but it definitely lets you pick your own way of flavouring and performing the standard ones.

However, the reason I had that candle out was it’s perfect for Night Magic. See Zorech the Flame, the rune of Passion, aligned to Night. Night Magic has LOTS of cool scrying. We did Signs and Portents but there’s also:

I’d recommend not picking any mastered rituals, and showing up just with Night Lore, unless you know a few you personally want to cast and can do alone. That way you can learn whichever ones other people have, and get in on those. I know lots of Marchers have the last one.

The other good trick with a candle would be in the casting of Detect Magic. That spell can tell you really handy stuff, if you look specifically at the Discern Enchantment and Divination sections. I use it as a first check of “Is this PC actually cursed?”, and also “That ritual looks suspect, does it match the realm and magnitude of a known territory curse?”


It really depends on what you want to go for. If you really want to get useful information then you may have to do it inside the Regio. You will probably need a bumble bee to come along and help out and you will need to make it easy for the writers. If you want to do just a bit of fun then you don’t even have to cast a ritual. You could listen to the person and suggest more than tell them what might happen. It could be about them using their wisdom to over come things instead of having it handed to them. Flame is a symbol of the brass coast. If you are interested in hearth magic to do with flame then maybe talk to someone in the brass coast who understands it.

It could be easier to look into emotions rather than events. You could say that they will feel a certain way later. You could also work with people OC and so they can get out what they want IC. You could be sitting round a fire with some random people and then someone comes up to you and asks for you to scry something for them. With information they gave you earlier, you could let them know of how a loved one is feeling or something like that.

I’m not too sure about it other than that (I’m not even really sure about what I have said). If you can’t get a definite answer then maybe contact PD themselves. They are really helpful and I’m sure they would be willing to help you figure something out with this as it gives you extra options in game.

You could also create puzzles and riddles for people to come and solve. You could look into being a priest and hallowing objects people give to you as well as giving them advice when they need it. I suggest you talk to your friends as well. They may be able to help bring people to you. If you get enough people coming to you and add a bit of mystery you could find that you have a lot to do.

I did fortune telling for several years with no mechanical skill behind it - explicitly with an entertaining the masses when queueing aspect.
You can definitely say you have mystic powers inherited from your grandmother. Your character can even believe it! It won’t be true, but that’s never stopped people in our world doing it.
Mix it with ritual magic or just call it a hearth magic trick if you want, but you don’t have to have a mechanical reason behind it.