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Hey guys,

I’ve been speaking to a few people in my existing LARP social circle and have come up with a character concept. I was wondering if I could throw the idea to the forums to see if people have any advice as I flesh it out a little more?
PERSONAL RP PREF: I’m generally up for most RPing (exception is romance). However, i don’t find politics interesting enough for it to be all that I do.
ROLE: the role I want the character to fill is a support role. Specifically having my character as a utility character. Think bard in DnD, a healer/buffer/debuffer. Initially I accept I’ll have to spec a squishy healer (may or may-not combat first event). But want to RP the character getting more martial over time. Getting sword and shield skills, or more offensive magics.
IDEA: I like the idea of a wintermark Kallavesi Draughir icewalker. I like the look of the stormcrows, they look epic! Would there be a way I can take some of the stormcrow looks into a Kallavesi icewalker (Which i know is a rarity already). Or even something else that suits my combat support/utility role better? I love the premise of using the spirits and animal aspects as a source/inspiration of magical evocation. I would role play calling upon them by casting seeds, giving the land blood and water, being nice to animals etc etc. The idea that if you do not give nature what it needs, it will take it without prejudice (which if i have read correctly, is quite Draughir).

BACKGROUND: In short. As a Draughir child was abandoned in the Kallavasi marshes, found and raised by the Thane and his magic circle. He grew up, now wonders from village to village healing people in exchange for bed, board and a little coin. Currently just looking to learn and get by.

As i may attend the july event (pending kit acquisition), and my existing larp kit is rarther modern/scifi (a full black swat kit seems to be out of place at empire. To my dismay :wink: ) So I need to get minimal kit, in a single payday. Any recommendations on cheap kit that fits the bill? I have a bag that could fit in and some wristwraps, but that’s about it.

Thanks for reading this far :slight_smile:

For kit:

Do a charity shop trawl. Hit every charity shop in your general vicinity and look at anything in the black/brown/grey/dull green palette that might plausibly fit you. Check both the men’s and women’s rails and remember you can belt stuff in if it’s baggy.

Look for tunic-style tops, linen trousers, gilets or loose untailored vests - stuff you can layer. If the basic garment is good but the styling is too modern remember that collars, cuffs, buttons and buttons bands can be snipped off.

Get a nice solid belt - or two. Any little bags or purses that can be slung off your belt adds to the look and gives you somewhere to stash your accumulated junk.

Some charity shops have fabric or home linens like curtains and tablecloths - if you’re lucky you might find something that tears easily to make into leg-wraps. Bonus if you turn up a wool blanket in a dark neutral - pick out a chunky brooch to go with it and you can use it as a cloak/shawl.

Start picking up every feather you see. If you know any young kids, ask them to do the same! Once you’ve got a decent number, tie them together into decorative tassel and add any other bits of tat you have hanging around - a pretty stone, wood or bone (effect) beads, little bits of bright ribbon - to make yourself some fetishes and amulets. Or glue them between two thin strips of fabric to make a feather sash to go around your waist or over your shoulder.


There are several kinds of “support” character.

Pre-battle support:
Artisan: make equipment that helps people.
Apothecary: make useful ointments/philtres/etc. that people can carry.
Ritualist: cast rituals (enchantments) that make people more effective.

Support during the battle:
Physick: hands-on patching-up of injuries etc.
Heroic support: skills like Get It Together and Stay With Me.
Battlefield spell-caster: heal, purify, empower, mend etc.

Note that for all the above except the spell-casting one, you can wear any kind of armour when you go to battle (assuming that any rituals would be cast before going to battle).

With a one-handed weapon, a buckler and some armour, you don’t need to be too squishy, even before any skills or equipment that might make you tougher.

And your character development path is fine. It’s entirely possible to start as a squishy healer, add battlemage and offensive spells, and ramp up to leading powerful rituals on the field…

Bear in mind that everyone starts with the skills to use 1-handed weapons and any amount of armour, and a buckler.

Exactly what sort of things you do when spellcasting are up to you, so your shamanic/druidic concept is fine.

Oh, a note on magics. Most of the spells have a range of touch. This includes the offensive ones (Entangle, Shatter, Strikedown and the like), so you’ll end up a little closer to the battle than than classic mage-on-a-hilltop raining down fire. However, you can cast through wands (small), rods (1-handed) and staffs (2-handed), so you can lean through the battle-line and poke that large stompy orc with your staff and an Entangle… :slight_smile:

Do you have a discount code for booking the event?

Thanks, I have a sword i use in other systems. I just dont have a buckler… yet. Ill probably play it as a battlefield caster, that can do rituals too. It gives me scope to move about and specialise after a few games to where i enjoy.

Ill look at getting battlemage for my second event, then i can at least have mage armour. It’ll be something i can RP in my 1st and 2nd events. Seeking out warriors and battlemages asking them for training.

hi, thanks.

I do have a code from a friend. Ill get a student discount too, which is good.

Can i use a sword as a “toucher”?

What do you mean by “Toucher”? Ah if you mean a Mage Implement, no you’ll need to pick up (or borrow) either a Wand, Rod or Staff to use.

Yes, something that can be used to touch.

Ill just use my hands first event. Gives me a form of progression OC and IC as i develop my skills and my kit.


There’s no need for implement in the use of healing/mending spells. Offensive spells do require one, but for regular spells it’s perfectly okay to symbolically use a sword or a knife as a tool in spellcasting roleplay (I use a ceremonial knife sometimes either to draw blood for magic incantations or to press it against a wound and magically close/cauterise it).
@kalacia Just remember you still have to be close enough to physically touch someone, you can’t reach out and tap them with a sword for a swift cast.

First event, i dont plan on being right in the middle. Both tactically and on the count of me being new. My combat experience is very skirmishy and usually 1 on 1 or 1 on 2.

I appreciate the help peeps :slight_smile:

Hey guys,
I have a question as a new LARP player.
My question is a role as an Artisan a easy role for new LARP player?

signed RedfighterWilder

It’s an easy entry into the game, it’s not the easiest skill to grasp and understand.

Artisan will have you out and about on the field. You’ll have stuff to do during uptime, and stuff to do during downtime.

You will have a defined purpose, and a set of people to talk to, and something to start conversations about.

You will also be quite popular :slight_smile:

Happy to answer further questions on this…

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I’d advise being a priest of some sort. That gives you certain circles to talk to while also allowing you to support people on the field. If not fighting you also have a role. Very versatile and you might get to exorcise a ghost or two.