New Player - Dagan the Steinr fighter

Good day/evening all,

My name is Peter and I live in sunny Portsmouth. I am new the LARPing world but not Roleplaying as I have taken part in DnD and living history. The living history was set in the periods of World War 1 and 2, ok a little different world but i understand what is expected :slight_smile:

My character is as follows:

Nation Wintermark
Archetype Bannerman
Lineage Human
Virtue -
Banner -
Coven -
Sect -
Order -
Territory Hahnmark
Resource Military Unit

Skill Cost
Weapon master 2
Shield 2
Hero points 1
Second wind 2
Stay with me 1

I have no Hall yet as I will be going to the first event to meet and greet as many as I can. I have been told not to buy any swords and such like equipment but I’ll be turning up in some basic gear such as a tunic and trousers. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and I have hope to find a place called home in the Empire. A friend of mine who is part of the Navarr introduced me into this world and showed me some pictures of the events and it looks great fun! So I decided to come a long and take part.

I still have loads to learn especially the rules and how to roleplay away from the world of pen and paper. So any help will be greatly appreciated. I know there are few people i have spoken to on the Wintermark facebook group when I announced my character there but I wanted to make an official post on here with my character details. Also I can keep track and refer back to here as it is easier then facebook.

Thank you all and see you soon :slight_smile:

Hi Peter, welcome to the boards. :slight_smile: It’s pretty quiet here over the winter, but fingers crossed things will pick up nearer the event.

It sounds like you have a good handle on what you need. There is a New Player meeting before time in on the Friday night which would be a good idea, I think it is 5pm but we’ll hear officially nearer the time.

If you need any specific advice do ask, but I think my main piece of advice would be to have a think about who your character is outside of combat. Where did they come from, which piece of the Wintermark brief do they relate to the most, which Virtue do they hold closest to their heart, that kind of thing. It all helps you react when a situation crops up.