New player healer and bard- first event tips

Hey there

Ive created a dawnish bard/ healer and wondered if there were people here who are currently playing healers or musicans / artists etc

What advice would you give , any thing you wish you had known for your first event ?

In the four months to my first event its prep prep prep!

See you at E2


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League healer here.

I wish I had taken more time to better learn the healing rules before going onto the field; what each herb does and how long each action takes at least. Also, learn to work ‘diagnosis’ into your playing - work out a good IC way to ask what their OOC status is; what is wrong affects what you can do. Unless executed, everyone can be conscious and screaming, but each one can benefit from a different herb.

  • Most people just need a quick heal - they are still minutes away from death, but screaming is fun.
  • Some people are not even dying, they are just suffering a TRAUMATIC WOUND which is disabling them.
  • Others are not dying, just CLEAVED and need a limb fixing or WEAK and need perking up.
  • Some people have VENOM and started a 30-second count when they were last stabbed, so need you now.
  • Some people are TERMINAL - they are already dead, their bodies just haven’t realised it yet.

If nothing else, go visit the Anvil Hospital. They are the best place for healers to learn how to make good game for everyone.

As a bard… Just don’t sing Toss a Coin to Your Witcher and we’re good. You will learn that mead and beer make players sing along, so give them something to join in with.


Hi there!

Welcome to the game, the forums…

…and to Dawn!

I play a healer-mage and a storyteller, I may start calling myself a troubadour.

I will happily discuss this, at length. Ask me any questions… :smiley:

Advice I can give…
assuming you are going Physick (herbs and surgery) instead of magic…

know your basic abilities:
While patching someone up, their death count is paused.
30 seconds to restore someone to 1 hit
2 minutes to restore an IMPALE or CLEAVED location (but not to fix hit points), or treat most traumatic wounds.
5 minutes to completely fix someone, but NOT on the battlefield.

I can give advice re phys-reps (props) and so on. My current character heals using magic, my first one used Physick etc.

Oh here’s a useful thing. Bring a bottle of something, feed it to people on the floor, make sure it’s drinkable. I was passing round lemonade with green food colouring as a restorative… very popular.

As for bard… look at some of the national history, if you can. Read the Winds of War before the event, if you can (it’s a small novel, each time). If you can weave some stories around things, adjust some songs to fit the setting, or even just have the latest news, that’s a good start.

Come and find me whatever.

Rhion Thresher, House Tour de Cendres (black and gold). I have songs and stories from across the span of Imperial history, from border to border, and beyond…

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Hey there

Tristan Onnoson of House Du Soleil - ill be dressed mostly in blue with some gold and wandering around talking to folks

I have currently taken Physik / Churgeon and Stay with me and a point of fortitude for myself.

I dont know if i will be going to battle im planning on staying in Anvil for the most part at least at my first event my char isnt a fighter at all

Ive asked this on the fb but is it better to have herb garden or have the money and buy herbs in game

Outside of the hospital / battle what is a sensible amount to charge for your services ? (Dont mind battle healing but if people get in a scrap)

Bard wise - definately no toss a coin to your witcher . Ill probably pen a few poems song wise ill look up some things that can be join in able but suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Im a bit worried about allergies with giving people drinks ?

So ill probably bring coloured bottles etc.

Where did you guys get your surgeons tools phys reps ? Latex ones ?

Good plan. As a physicker, you never know when someone will have an allergy to strawberries or an E-number. As a player, you never know when some idiot has decided to use 150-proof rum in their potion bottle. Usually safer not to risk it either way.

Cheap plastic sculpting tools painted silver, a jar of rubber leeches, and lots of bandages.

The term ‘surgery’ is used broadly and includes crystals, healing smoke, energy-adjustment, etc. If it’s ever been used as medicine (alternative, complementary or otherwise) then it’s probably fine. Never seen homeopathy tried yet, but I bet even that has been used.

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Ah, another de Soleil!

Stay With Me is an excellent emergency skill for Physick.

Bear in mind that there will be two battles each event. One you can play in, one you should monster in (it’s great, you get to run around being an orc barbarian while your character is perfectly safe. You can even be an orc physic if you need the practise).

You may get dragged out on battles and quests anyway. The healers are usually WELL looked after. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d go with the herb garden. You’ll be able to sell a few, swap some with apothecaries, and not rely on finding someone else. OTOH, you may want some cash for other things… In your house, I suspect that you’ll have a good support network.

Charging… yes… As you say, in the battle, you generally don’t charge. The closest I’ve seen is a Leaguer physick who used to tuck his business card into folks bandages. “If you have enjoyed our saving your life, why not drop by the X and thank us in person? All donations gratefully recieved…”

In the hospital, well, they generally get donations from various people.

If on skirmish, you’ll likely be with your fellow Dawnish if not de Soleil. You aren’t going to let your brothers die because they won’t cough up the cash are you?

Other than that… fixing folk after a tournement (uncommon)? Patching people up after a duel in the street (rare)? A couple of rings, maybe?

Healing at Anvil is not really done to make money. It’s done to make friends, and a reputation. Think of it like this. Your character may go home after the event known as the guy who healed the Earl, the Senator, that Battlemage, from all manner of contusions. As the reason half of de Soleil is still breathing. You can’t buy that.

Quite often, the healer doesn’t NEED much money. They’ll get assigned a bodyguard knight, passed all the herbs looted in downtime, and checked in on regularly. “My lord, I require funds to ensure our knights survive this day?” “Seneschal, give Tristan whatever he needs!”

There are some places that will sell you little sets of surgery tools at the event. Chows emporium, for starters…

As for songs, I’m sure you’ve found the Dawnish music wiki… The classics are of course Britta’s Glory and the Imperial Battle Anthem.


Dont worry absolutely not , Tristan is loyal to his friends and a humanitarian he wouldnt worry about healing in battle only that he makes sure that he has a plentiful supply of herbs etc .

I will play it by ear , mostly because i dont wanna be that shitty person who doesnt monster . I dont do larp combat for several ooc reasons ( got some sight issues etc ) so i could potentially come along and heal and then maybe be a ooc water carrier or something im more than happy to help out :slight_smile:

I think ill be happy if i get bought a beer or two in all honesty

This char is a lover and good natured I didnt build him to be rich but maybe one day he will be famous ? Who knows

You don’t have to go to battle at all. My character doesn’t originally for mobility issues, now becasue I don’t have time!

As a healer you could specialise in the hospital treatment instead - for those just returned from battle - lots of interesting horrible injuries, from both battles and skirmishes, and the occasional magical mishap. Also a good place for picking up stories for your bard repertoire, and most will appreciate music if there is a lull too.

@AnthonyHJ: I’ve been thinking my next chirugeon or physick will use “homeopathic violence” as a treatment for injuries.
“This metal rod contains the tiniest, tiniest dilution of recycled sword. In fact, so tiny that the mathmagicians of Urizen tell me not one filing of sword-iron could possibly remain. Nonetheless, I will stab your injury with the homeopathic sword-dilution, and BEHOLD, your injuries shall close. Isn’t magic wonderful”

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My biggest bit of advice is “don’t buy a rank of Fortitude like I did on my healer”.

Unless you’re some sort of gung-ho sprint-and-stabilise medic, you’ll be near the back. Meaning that probably either:

  • A: You’ll be found and healed pretty quick if you’re dropped, because phycicks usually get fixed first so they can start healing the rest.
  • B: Your line will have collapsed and you’ll be dead no matter what happens.

Fortitude can be pretty good on a high risk PC if you have one rank, then stack two more on with potions and buffs, as that easily gets you to 9 minutes total count.

You don’t have to spend all 8 XP at once. I’d save the spare 1 XP, and buy Unstoppable after E1. That lets you avoid getting arrowed to death and provides emergency self healing.

Not a healer, but I am a regular recipient of their attention. RP wise, the most common ailments you’re likely to be dealing with in battle are general low Hit Points or a wrecked limb. Basically, feel free to ask your patient what the problem is. Their IC description will likely be clear enough, but if not then feel free to whisper in their ear OC to get clarification, as well as to explain what you are doing to them.

From the Bard side of things, if you can prep one song, poem or story for an event then you’re golden. You can explain that you are here in anvil to collect more songs, or seek inspiration for more. It can be nerve-wracking to get up and perform, but I’ve never met a more welcoming environment for performers of all levels of experience and confidence. Identify the other Bards in your nation to see if there are any meets or events taking place. I strongly recommend finding out if the League theatre will be present at the event (it’s a vast undertaking so isn’t possible for every event) but I would also strongly recommend checking out Navarr Song and Storytime. It kicks off around dusk on Friday and Saturday night in he Navarr camp and is one of the best ways of seeing bards from across all the other nations doing their thing. It’s an open stage, chaired by Idwyn Splitroot, and is on my “Must See” list of things that everyone should check out in Anvil.