New player looking for Hall or friends (wintermark)


I am going to be joining the Empire and I am looking for people to possibly hang out with and teach me a few things, I am looking at going to the next winter solstice and it would be awesome if I had some people to show me the ropes!

Do speak to your Egregores, introducing new people to the game is literally part of their job description.

You may find that either the Wintermark FB group here may be helpful if you haven’t joined: Redirecting...

Or the new player group on FB: Redirecting...

(I can’t help with specifics in Wintermark as I’m Highborn!)

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Welcome. Unfortunately, I’m not part of wintermark so I wouldn’t be able to help you much at the actual event but if there are any questions that you need answering before the event, I’m willing to try. Wintermark is one of if not the most popular nations for new players so you will find lots of people who either are experiencing the same thing as you and so looking for friends, or more experienced players who are used to dealing with new players. You will also get an opportunity to join a group when you get there. You have to consider if you feel like your character already has some ties or if they have just turned up in anvil for the first time, with no connections what so ever. With out knowing any specific question, I think that is all I can say for now.

Hello! Welcome along!

Currently playing WM, feel free to ping any questions to me via PM, I am happy to answer them, I’ve done similar for people in the past so I can’t be much of a monster!

Anything you’re looking to do specifically when you hit play? More than happy to direct you at groups or individuals if you so wish :slight_smile:

Welcome to the game! Wintermark are a large nation, and I’m sure many groups are recruiting.

As mentioned, the Facebook page is a good place to ask as well.

Happy to answer any general questions on here :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the hobby.

A quick question, The winter events tend to be wetter and colder than the other events. Are you familiar with camping ?