New Player looking for Navarr group (E1 2018)


I am currently looking for a group to join in Navarr for E1 2018. This would be my first time LARPing, but I am more than keen to get involved in the game and meet new people along the way. If anyone has space for new players/knows someone in Navarr who does that would be amazing!


Dom McGann

Welcome along to the forums Digsa2!

I’m sure some Navarri players will be along shortly, but in the meantime, there is also a facebook group for them, at

Amazing! Thanks :slight_smile:

Depends what you want to get upto really. The two feet are looking. iveeen meaning to put up a recruitment thread but moving house got in the way. as ill already be chaperoning 2 newbies I’ve certainly got room for one more. Come talk to me on fb ill pm you some details

I’ll also be a new player in E1 2018 looking for a Navarr group, very similar circumstances to Digsa2.
New to LARP, new to Empire and new to Navarr.
I don’t have access to Facebook so will primarily be using this forum to communicate.

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You’re welcome to join our group ‘Leigheas’ if you’re a younger player

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if I may make a suggestion, why not come join a group, speak to all of them at y5e1 and find the one you feel best suits you and join up. That way you will know who is who and can feel like you have made new friends at the same time.

Alternatively the collective are always looking to recruit new friends and have a mixed age group within our groups. We are Brackensong, Foxden, Splitroot, Umbal Path and First Dance (Not seen first dance in a year though)

I highly recommend joining a group in character at the gives you instant plot . And as a new player in Navarr at e4 this year I can tell you that everyone in Navarr was friendly and welcoming . You will have a great time!

To be honest as someone who started this year I recommend not joining a group before hand, the larger groups like to grab new players but I know some who feel lost in the crowd in these groups, id say turn up and find a group IC, Id be happy to show you arround and introduce you to a bunchbof different striding depending on what you want, I still play solo but have loads of friends from lots of different stridings. Though I wouldn’t recommend going solo unless you are willing to do twice as much work as everyone in the groups.

I am starting my character at this next event and from what I’ve heard from the vets I’d strongly recommend not deciding on a group now.

It is not as essential as you might think, just see who click with at the time. It might not be who you expect :wink:

E1 will be my first event as well, however, as I’m going with a group of friends, (D&D group, there are 8+ of us when we’re all together!), we’ve started our own striding/Banner.

If all goes to plan, we will be there from the Thursday, and I’m sure the others won’t mind me inviting you to come RP with us. Again, costume isn’t finalised, but look for the mismatched group in cloaks. Feel free to PM me if your interested, and I’ll let you know closer to the event what we actually are going to look like!

P.s. Sorry for resurrecting a zombie!

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Eh, recruitment season has started, the official thread has been bumped, and if you hadn’t started anther one, this would have been bumped as well :slight_smile:

Thursday is a good time to turn up as a new group. You’ll make friends, have plenty of time to get you camp sorted, and be able to browse the shops for little kit bits and accessories. Not to mention a spot of weapons practice, some long chats about the setting and system, and I suspect much singing around campfires late into the night. And then on Friday you can get plenty of karma and more friends by helping others put up tents. :slight_smile:

Good luck RichardB and team!

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