New player looking for other player(s)

Hey all,

Was looking at getting started at Empire soon, but figured it’d be best to have at least one other person to go with so I wasn’t completely alone.

Maybe there is another new player looking start in the Brass Coast also?



Welcome along OBT, to the game and these forums :slight_smile:

Finding some contacts before heading along is an excellent idea, and you should get some folk responding here reasonably soon. There will also, in extremis, be meetings and workshops for new players at the event, where you can almost certainly find other new Freeborn.

But ask here first :slight_smile:

Have you also found the official Brass Coast Facebook page?


Thanks for the warm welcome, it is appreciated :slight_smile:
I’ll check out the facebook page now, just getting my costume sorted while I wait for potential responses in the meantime.