New player looking for some advice

I’m brand new to larp and would love to come to the next event but don’t know anyone to come with , any tips to get started ?

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Hey Mortem! If you’re on Facebook, join the FB page of the nation you wish to join and introduce yourself! You’ll be able to start making contacts with people, get advice on kit and character ideas, and get an idea of the game’s culture.


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Hi @Mortem, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

As @Bradstyley says, choosing a nation is a great place to start. They all have a sense of belonging (it could be family, it could be chapter, house, or hall but each nation has a way of bringing people together).

Have you had a read through the nations yet and had any thoughts about which style appeals to you?


Indeed, Mortem, welcome!

To the hobby and to this game!

  1. Have a brief look through the wiki, see if any of the nations attract you. Then think about what sort of character you’d like in that nation.

  2. OR, See if any sort of character concept pops into your head, and then work out what nation best fits.

  3. As mentioned, there are facebook groups for all the nations, and indeed for New Players Asking Questions. You won’t be alone :slight_smile:

  4. Ask around! It may well be that there’s a group of LARPers nearby, whether or not they come to Empire. If you’re willing to divulge your approximate location, you may well find some new friends not far away…

  5. Don’t panic. The costumes and kit etc on the wiki and in peoples images are often the result of years of collecting stuff, or lots of kit-making, or spending a lot of money. No-ones expecting you to turn up looking like a monarch on day 1… And you’ve got all winter to get a few things together.

  6. These LARP events are similar to festivals. How’s your camping experience?

  7. And feel free to drop back to these forums with a thousand questions. We don’t bite…

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do tell us when you get hooked. once you join you can never leave ma ha ha

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Unfortunately, this is very true.

I’d go into the phycology behind it all but I think that would be a bit off topic and there are probably far more qualified people on here who would probably feel physical pain if I tried.

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