New Player looking to make a Family

I’m a relatively new player who has played a few times in the past. I’m looking for players to make a group with, the goal or aims of which would be political and financial. I do have a few friends interested in joining but would love to have a few more people join.

Anybody interested, or just wanting to give advice to somebody who’s new to Empire and having a group would be greatly appreciated.

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You may also want to try the Brass Coast Facebook group.

You are likely to attract more people if you create a bit of a backstory about the group you are building - what territory are they from? Are they a family or a coven of Hakima magicians or a sect of meddling priests?

Good luck!

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Thank you, I’ll edit it to with your advice. and check it out. Sounds good.

My character has moved to the empire after living in the Iron Confederacy till they were around 16, when they left with their freeborn mother to the brass coast. He’s half Suranni and Freebron. He was brought up on the legends of the Brass Coast. His family is a Erigo and has plans to run a family to make a economic and political powerhouse. He plans to have a well organised family buying and selling and pooling wealth to help his family achieve their goals.

  • Write a description of the group, its IC goals, it’s OC aims and its joining policy. A lot of new larper groups fall apart when group members think they signed up to different games and the group can’t handle the two directions.
    • Eg: “IC we aim to make a lot of money. PvP between group members is not part of the game we want, but competition to provide services is”.
    • “Anyone can join in uptime but should be approved by the rest of the group OC before they are a full member”.
    • “We will be actively seeking to undermine the Iron Confederacy regardless of consequences” vs “We are glad we got out of there but aren’t going to be starting any diplomatic incidents”
  • Decide who’s responsible for OC admin if there is any. This doesn’t have to be the IC group leader, and can stop them getting worn out.

Okay thank you, I will do.