New Player Pondering the Honest Brass Coast!

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking of joining the LARP scene for some time now, and have finally found the courage to get started with the prep-work so I can come along! I’ve never LARPed before, but have done RP and acting/improvisation jobs over the years thats pretty close to it. Also, as someone that is going to be going alone, I guess this post is also about reassuring myself I’ll be welcome, as I’m generally daunted by all of this but really want to get stuck in!

Surfing through the Wiki, The Brass Coast really caught my attention as it’s gorgeous costuming and Middle-Eastern feel really drew me into the nation, so I’m really just wondering what your nation is actually like, and would like to hear from the players as they are the ones who hold the true experiences and knowledge :blush:, and just to know whether you would have a place for me!

I’m set on playing a Cambion (Always had a thing about Magical characters, especially ones with horns!) and would love to get into the magic game to be a battle mage or maybe even a ritualist; I’ve not really decided. I have a theatre background so love performance and story-telling, which is another draw to rituals and magic as I’ve heard they are rather spectacular when done well.

The character creation also seems really daunting, as well as names (How do you people come up with such fancy Spanish names!?) so I’m just generally acquiring for some insight into the nation, general tips for playing a Brass Coast character as well as whether this nation would be right for me :wink:

Sorry for such a long post!

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As someone who joined Empire and the Brass Coast at the last event I’d like to welcome you to the most colourful of nations. Our group mostly got our names by the judicious use of google. Spanish Names and Arabic names, then mix and match as required.

As for what playing the game as a Freeborn is actually like, you’ll want to hear from a more experienced player, as my first event was mostly about trying to not sink into the mud. If you have any questions about getting started, I’ll give it a go.

Qasim i Azuro i Erigo

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Hey. Welcome to empire.

I can’t help much with brass coast. But I was a new Mage in dawn last event and could probably throw some first hand experience your way.

First of all. rituals can be good fun when done well espesialy the more into it you get. Taking a level in realm lore is cheap too. You are gunna want to find a coven too so you can help out casting the big more interesting rituals, this is way easier than it sounds either find one before hand on Facebook or here. Or just walk into the field and mention you have levels in your chosen lore and you will be drowned in offers to join covens in less that a minuet, it’s what happened to me. And next thing I knew I was summoning 6 armies worth of magic warriors.

Battle Mage is great fun. If you are stuck with spells I recommend shatter at the very least. Super usefull in the line fights. Other spells should fit your play style. I also took repel in case someone got inside the reach of my staff (this seems to be quite popular) but more support spells can also make you super popular with your friends on the field.

Also extra personal mana is great so you have to worry less about running out of spells.

Most importantly as a new player my advice is get stuck in. Say yes to everything, even the bad ideas. You realy get out what you put in. And you will have more friends than you could shake a LARP safe stick at by the end of your first event.

Sorry for the ramble, hopefully it helped at least a bit. but if you have any spesific magic questions I’m sure I of someone else can help

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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

What does the lore stuff actually allow you to do? I looked over it on the Wiki and was a bit confused by it. Also, can you be a battle mage and a ritualist or not? Or is it just a bad idea?

Concerning Magic I’m quite clueless, just from what I’ve seen and heard from my research it seems more my style; I’ve always played some form of mage or spell-sword :wink:

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You definitely can battle mage and be a ritualist provided you’re happy to spread your xp that thin (and plenty of people do!). Magician and battlemage cost 2xp each, and you’ll want an extra spell for beating people up with (1xp). That all adds up to 5 so far meaning you’ve got 3xp left, so you could get two ranks in one realm (the first rank costs 1xp, second is 2, third is 3 etc). If you’re planning on playing a ritualist in the Brass Coast then a big decision you need to make about your character is whether you are a family mage or a hakima. The family mages are generally doing magic economically to enrich their families, while the hakima (who are more powerful and organised) leave their families to serve the nation as a whole, acting as neutral advisers to the families and attempting to nudge the nation in the best direction.

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Lore is relatively simple.

Pick a realm, take at least 1 rank of lore in any realm, and your character can automatically help cast any ritual in that realm. (don’t feel you have to learn them all!)

You then get to chose to ‘Master’ some rituals. these are the ones your character knows really well and is very good at. So your efforts count double.

If you plan to join a coven, then it is worth waiting until you know what they specialise in (complex divination, resource buffs, major army buffs) and choosing your mastered rituals to help with that. you can just leave them blank at character creation and fill it in later in the field.

If you would like to do more magic on your own, or plan to take a couple of ranks in one lore then it may be worth choosing one or two of the lower cost rituals to master so you can solo cast. Basic divinations, healing for the battlefield, mending of shattered items can all be done effectively as a solo ritualist.

Does that help?


So, if (for my first event) I dont specialise in a specific realm lore, can I still help with rituals or do you have to have a lore of some sort?
Also, if, for instance, I take a level in Autumn Lore, Can I still help on another realm’s ritual or not?

Sorry for so many questions!

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Thank you so much for your reply! :smiley:

I’ve read about the importance of family in the Wiki but I’ve never understood how thats physically represented; do you play with a certain group of people that are your 'Family" (Kind of like a Hall), or are you just from a Family that you make up for your backstory? As if its the latter I would probably lean towards the Hakima, however I am clueless!

Sorry for so many questions!

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The challenge of being a freeborn is honesty: Freeborn ALWAYS say the truth, in any situation. They rejoice on getting the best trading deals while being absolutely honest about the trade goods. In my first event my character was selling jewelry at quite a cheap price, because “on my way here I found an Asavean pirate ship, killed everybody onboard and stole their gold”.

They despise robbery and slavery, as it is against their trading spirits and it is unvirtuous. they rejoice sharing their prosperity by giving generous tips and spending every single coin in any fancy stuff they wish. Prosperity is shown by actually using your money, not by storing it away.

Regarding your background, it will be great in Brass Coast. My sister and I play “The Taziel Bards” and are all about of organising plays and performing music all around.

Oh, and I was forgetting: ALWAYS ask for a price for your services. In fact, for anything (it is considered polite to ask “how much is it to sit in your chair” when you visit another family).

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Nope, you can only contribute to a ritual if you have the appropriate realm lore. Some people prefer to specialise in a single realm by spending xp on multiple ranks of that lore, this lets them contribute more mana crystals to rituals (so they can cast bigger rituals). Some people spread themselves thin and have several different realm lores so they can be involved in a wider variety of magic, but they wont be able to contribute as much mana.

As for family, yes, most people tend to play with a group of friends who are their family (just like a hall, or chapter, or spire, or whatever the nation’s name for a group is) so their characters are all relatives (whether by blood or by adoption). Solo players can (and do) just define their family in their backstory. I’ve been playing my hakima character for 3 years now so if you have any questions about them I’d be happy to chat.


So, whats the main differences between a Hakima and a Family Mage? Do they get access to different spells? or is it literally one works for their family for financial reasons, and the other works more for themselves/an group independant?
Also, can a Hakima be part of a family, or not?

Thank you so much for your help! I’ve been really struggling to understand the sections on rituals/ritualists, so your information is absolutely amazing :smiley:

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That sounds so amazing! I hope I bump into you at some point :wink:
Are the Freeborn quite charitable then? As I’d like being a quite generous and kind character, as long as it fits in with being a true Freeborn.

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There is no mechanical difference in terms of rules, it’s purely a roleplaying difference. Hakima are expected to leave their families so that they can be a neutral party when if comes to dealing with matters that affect the families.

As for charity, “The responsibility that the Freeborn feel for family members does not extend to others. The Freeborn make a point of disclaiming any responsibility for the wellbeing of others. They do not regard themselves as obliged to help the poor or the sick, the dispossessed or the homeless. They may be as charitable as they please, but they refuse to accept that it is their responsibility to care for others.”. It’s perfectly fine for your character to want to be charitable, but you might find it tricky to get people to agree with you.

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Thank you so much! I’ll definitely have a think about what my character shall be :slight_smile:

Concerning costuming, is there any tips in particular you would have for Brass Coast clothing? As the pictures I’ve seen of the Nation are so radiant, and it perplexes me as to where you could find all of this stuff!

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I’ve had a lot of luck with charity shops/car boot sales for my kit. Indian clothing shops are fantastic if you have any near you. If not, there are lots of online options too. Ebay has lots of ‘harem pants’ which are ideal trousers for Freeborn, and you can also find lots of ‘kurtas’ or ‘sherwanis’ which are great for the torso. Rupali is a nice indian clothing website that a lot of people will recommend o you if you ask on the Brass Coast facebook page about costume. Strictly speaking the brief says we should be aiming for “The traditional looks of Moorish Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia.” but indian clothing has a lot to offer as well.


Don’t get intimidated by the online piccies, bear in mind that those are the most photogenic costumes of folk who have, in some cases, been assembling those outfits for years…

For finding a group, have you joined the Brass Coast facebook page? I suspect you’d find many offers of a place there :slight_smile: