New player

Hey guys,

I’ve RP’d online for a number of years and have some small experience of table top stuff and I am really keen to come LARPing. A group of my mates do LARP and have taught me a few of the basics but I am unable to go with them.

Having had a look at the Wiki Wintermark seems to be the place for me. Is there any more detailed infomation on Wintermark knocking around? I’m struggling at the moment with a backstory with the information I can find as I don’t want it to make no sense IC.

Any hints/tip or pointers would be muchly appreciated


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Cheers :slight_smile:

Had a poke around a bit further and things are beginning to come together in my head a bit more now. As usual worrying about things!

Join wintermark Facebook group. :slight_smile:

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Will do! Just sent a request

Check the Wintermark wiki(s) - that’s the most up-to-date and detailed source of information.

Post on this forum any questions you may have - the people here are friendly and more than willing to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much :slight_smile: could one of you lovely people approve my request to join the Facebook group? First name is Claire