New players & family for the Brass Coast

Morning all!

This is my first post here on the forums. (Well… anywhere Larp related really) and I just wanted to introduce myself and the group.

I’m a 15th century re-enactor and have been for enough years to surprise myself when I think back on how long ago I attended my first event.
Over the last couple of years I’ve oft pondered what Larp would be like. So… this year and probably with thanks to the lockdown and all that extra time not going out doing other things like medieval events, I’ve found thoughts turning to Larp as a new area of interest.

Que the power of google and YouTube and lo there did I see Empire.
I discussed it with another local medieval household (they’ve all gone league, but there’s no helping some people)
And with my own reenactment household. We have decided to join with the seemingly wonderfully free … freeborn. Something completely at odds with our usual style of hobby.

So, here we are. Looking towards our first event (possibly September, atleast for a few of us)
Costume ideas n purchases have been thrown around n made. Some still pondering.
Almost all of YouTube’s empire content exhausted, wiki read top to bottom, historical influences compared n cross referenced n such (that’ll be the historians in us) and the important things chosen like a family symbol, the communal lay out (15th century wise we have a couple of awnings and a big n small fire pit… these things are important y’know)
Though we are still working on our Syrah!

With no more gilding on the lilly is like to introduce the family muhajim I Guerra

We’ll be only around 6 strong. All experienced on a reenactment battlefield. Please bare with us as we explore all the character options n sort ourselves out.

In the mean time however… HI!!


Have you looked to the podcast content for Empire? There’s the PD official podcast, as well as the LARP Noobs podcast and Imperial War College podcast, along with the twitch streams; PD’s official channel, LARP Noob’s Dave and Ian, Hefty Yeti, and Sam Wheatley and Idwyn the Bard who both coordinate and organize the Navarr Songs and Stories Time.

Welcome along petemills! To the hobby, the game and these forums! :smiley:

You have likely already ransacked, sorry, researched the New Players section of these forums…

I have not played in the Brass Coast, but they certainly seem to be a very welcoming bunch.

Happy to answer any non-nation-specific questions you may have!

Have you found the facebook page for the Brass Coast?

Hi Kai.
I have not delved into the pod casts yet. However I shall certainly be checking out the suggestions.
Many thanks!

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Hi Geoffrey. Thanks for the reply.

I have yet to check out any FB content if I’m totally honest. I shall do so!

I don’t have any questions as of yet. I may do as I research more into the ‘meat’ of lore n game

I’m still working my way through the new player section of the forums but it seems the reenactment way of life is easily adapted to a larp one.