New to LARP and I need a simple costume

Hello! My daughter is very keen on LARPing so I agreed to take her to Empire this weekend. (She has been working on her costume and character for weeks!) I’d like to have a costume so I can see what it is like and decide if I would like to fully participate in Empire in the future (find a group to join etc).

Is there a simple costume I can wear that won’t offend anyone that will allow me to come into the IC area? I was thinking navy tunic over trousers, plain wool poncho, and a scarf.

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome along!

Something generic like that sounds fine. You may wish to accessorise it a touch with a belt, or a hat, or whatever, but that sounds like a simple and generic costume with which to spectate for a bit :slight_smile:

As long as you avoid: obviously branded stuff, camoflage gear, jeans and trainers, you’ll be fine.

A plain shirt, with a tunic over the top (to hide buttons etc), plain trousers, sturdy boots/shoes, should be fine. Poncho and scarf is likely a good idea, given the time of year.

If your intent is to wander around and get a feel for the game, I can also reccomend belt (simple leather job for instance) to hang things off and hold the tunic in, and maybe a tankard (plain pewter), as you may get offered a drink or two.

Should you want to pick up any extras, there are several shops and traders on site, and I can reccomend Chows Emporium for accessories.

If you’re just wanting to wander round and chat to people, some sort of backstory if anyone asks is likely helpful. Oo, here’s one:

“I’m a messenger from Varushka, I was dropping off parcels here and thought I’d stay and see Anvil for a while before heading home. What’s been going on?”

People love to talk about their characters and what they’ve been doing and what is important to them. You will likely see many sights, but if you’re going for an exploratory ramble, may I reccomend seeing:
The Imperial Regio (magic stone circle)
The Senate (politics building)
The Glory Square of Dawn (duelling ground, many flags)
The Navarri camp (especially if you can make the storytelling in the evening)
And the bars/pubs/tea-shops. Of which there are many :slight_smile:

Happy to answer any further questions!


As far as I am aware, to attend Empire (even as an escort for your daughter) you need a ticket, and to have a ticket you need character.

A character belongs to one of the 10 nations, and each nation has a basic ‘look’ that you should aim for.

A simple tunic and plain trousers will fit the majority of nations, but it would help to know which nation you are in for us to give you decent advice.


Hello, thanks for replying. Urizen is my nation.

Thanks for the advice! At the moment I have so many questions I don’t know where to start!

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In that case, your basic kit you outlined in your first post would be fine! Urizen costumes tend to love layers, long robes, and the lighter side of the colour palette (blues, whites, etc).

One important thing for the next event is make sure you have a costume that will keep you warm at night, as the seasons have definitely turned! Also, some good mud-proof boots!

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Thanks and have a great weekend!

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