New to LARP

Hi guys im new to LARP in general and have looked at the character creator for empire and am quite confused to say the least does any one have any tips on creating my first character for empire?

Hi @tradarcherguy, welcome to the forums and to Empire!

Just to check, do you mean literally how to go through the character creator, or do you mean deciding on what you want your character to be/do?

Hi yes I need help with the character creator itself as it’s a little confusing

Okay, no worries! How far through the creation process are you? I.e. have you selected a nation yet, or got to the point of selecting skills?

Yes I’m up to the skills page and so far have selected marksman fortitude

Okay, so is it other skills that you’re having trouble with, or the next sections? Before I risk waffling on about something that turns out to be irrelevant :stuck_out_tongue:

Both the skills tab also the personal resource section are what’s giving me some trouble

So what you’ve chosen so far leaves you with 3XP. With all the other skills, you have to buy the “base” skill before you can buy further. Think of it like a skill tree. So if you want to buy magic, you first need to buy the base magician skill.

If you plan to be a fighter you might want to consider some “heroic” skills - again, as with the above, you need to buy the “hero” base skill first, as those skills require the expenditure of hero points (which is what buying the base hero skill gets you). You can see more on the hero skill options here

The best thing to do if you’re curious about what the different skills do is to click the “?” next to them, as this will take you to the relevant wiki page.

[Anything that you select that requires extra choices (such as artisan where you need to choose items, or a lore of magic where you get to choose rituals), these options will be available in the following section.]

For the personal resource section, you need to choose a territory where you will be based in your nation. It’s a good idea to look at the wiki page for the territory you’re interested in as it should give you some OC information about anything relevant that’s been happening there recently. Then you choose what kind of resource you want - for a summary of the different resources, you can check here Each personal resource will generate an income that you’ll receive when you attend an event, what they produce is listed on the linked page above.

I hope that’s somewhat helpful but not an overload of information. If not then feel free to ask more!

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With marksman and fortitude, they have spent 5XP.

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Yep, well spotted - it’s because I was running through the creator on my account, and forgot it would include the 2 unspent XP from my current character! Have edited to correct.

Thanks for the info also one last question. Do you earn more skill points as you attend events / battles? Assuming you character didn’t die

You gain 1xp for the 1st and 3rd events you attend in the year. No need to attend battles, and you gain these even if you die. If you die, any unspent xp you have saved up can be used on a new character.


Incidentally, my favorite starting archer build is:
Marksman (4)
Hero Points(2)
Unstoppable or Relentless (2)

This gives you a good measure of personal survivability, since if you’re an archer, then most of the time what will get you is enemy archers. Being able to get back to your lines or just not bother your physic will save your bacon a lot more often than a minute’s extra bleed time will. :slight_smile:


Add heavy armor to that and either of the magic bows for extra hero points and you become a mobile armored turret.

Have you read the Empire wiki? It outlines a lot of the skills, resources and other options

I’m also a new player. I like the archer build you posted, have you got any suggestions for other build types? How would you build a battlemage? Thanks!

So I can only speak with any experience on archery, as I keep not dying. I have no idea how well this build works in practice, but it feels like it would be a fun thing to do:

Magician (2)
Extra Spell (shatter) (1)

Take a mana site as your personal resource.

For your last three points, either take
Extra Mana twice, or two ranks in your preferred ritual lore to give yourself some extra things to do off the battlefield.

What you do is you grab your wizard staff, find the biggest hardest looking orcs you can, and you break ALL THEIR THINGS.
If you’re willing to use your crystal mana, you can shatter 9 to 11 things in a battle, and make barbarians feel bad. You are a vulnerable target, but with a staff, and only needing to hit the enemy’s weapon, you have range. Plus your side will love you and keep picking you back up. Possibly while asking if you can do that again.

Corin… uh, that’s my current character. I can vouch that it does indeed work pretty well. :slight_smile:

For battlemage:

  1. Primarily a combat mage, or maybe with a little ritual lore. The Ritual Lore will give you something to do on the field between fights, and a reason to meet people. In fac,t they’ll come looking for you, likely shouting along the lines of “we need a few more ranks in…”

  2. Assuming combat build, primarily offensive or what? Offensive spells are nice, but boy can you blow through power in a hurry! Things like Mend and Heal are also nice, and could well give you some nice roleplaying moments, but could also make you feel like a support character (which could be what you want, but irks me slightly).

So I’d advise taking Extra Mana and a couple of spells (Heal and Repel?), and leaving a character point spare. You’ll get another after the first event, and you can then see where you want to put it, with the option of a second rank in Extra Mana (which goes up by 1 every rank…)

Remember you get Staff use, but you also get Rod use, so you could fight Rod and Buckler as well if you like.

For personal resource, some thoughts:
Mana Site: the obvious one, especially if you have some expensive spells to cast (Swift Heal, for example). Crystal Mana is good for that.
Farm: brings in the cash, spend it on Crystal Mana to taste, or whatever.
Herb Garden: Everyone wants herbs. As you’ll often be standing at the back, it might be you carrying potions etc for your unit. Additionally, the Mageblood potion is a lovely one to have a few of in your pocket (restores 2 personal mana). You find an Apothecary, you sell them herbs, you get back Magebloods, couple of healing potions, bit of cash… can work well.

So I assume this all updates on the website after the events?

Once your character is made there is a Spend XP button on that page, clicking on that effectively takes you back into the same interface as the character creator and it will tell you how much XP you have to spend and let you spend it if you wish