New Urizen Lore and a Silly Silly Tier List

Magic! So much magic! Im so happy im going to do something a little silly. I’m going to take all the proposed rituals for Urizen lore and the rituals in UL and do… a ranking! im going to undergo the inadvisable task and assign a ranking (S to F) for the rituals. Disclaimer: IDK what the heck im doing, so grain of salt and all that. Also, i am specifically taking a humorously critical tone. If you see a ritual that you love that i don’t or visa versa, by all means go for it!

Again, and i cant stress this enough, this is silly.

F Tier:
Good Green Oak- +1 Endurance for 3 mana? when there are other rituals that do the same for cheaper? nope. yeah “not everyone is a summer ritualist!” , but you could, you know, find and talk to one to save a precious mana,
Peregrine and Ichimos- Buff SMUs for +40 is pretty good, but the increased cost to be able to do two things? nope. If your willing to go through the trouble to organize a ritual buff you can go through the trouble of knowing where your sending your unit beforehand.
Wellspring of the High Peak* - swaps resources for Spring vis. Not really economical unless Ambergelt prices fall and mana prices rise. or if you really need Spring vis for a specific reason. Situationally useful.

D Tier:
Hook of the Hoarfrost Guardian - +4 Strikedowns a day, Pretty dang grea- 40 magnitude… Oof thats expensive. Strikedowns are one of (if not the) best melee calls in the game, but the sheer cost and coven size needed to cast to enchant one person? Save for special occasions
Swords in the Noonday Sun and Eyes of the Hills - an army buff that changes the orders the army can take. Highly situational, so wont see much use. But when you need it you need it. High D.
Resolution of Falling Stars - Ritual mimicking Circlet of Falling Snow magic item. I really want to like this one, but at 3 mana a season? unless you really need that equipment slot, its laughably cheaper to get the 0 resource item for a year. That being said, if the ritual duration turns out to be a year and so 3/4ths a mana per season? Then this becomes B-A tier.
Woven Strands of Life - Turns a mana site into a (powerful) herb garden. Slightly uneconomical. Use only if you need lots of herbs

C Tier:
A Goblet of Stars - Lets a Physic use all herbs like True Vervain. Almost D tier, as the problem this ritual solves can also be solved by logistics and foot work. But sometimes your friend’s life is worth more than a few rings and Its reasonably costed too, so if your group is about to go though the gate and you need more TV than you have and there is a ritualist on hand it may be a solid pick. Though i would still recommend befriending a trader.
Silence of the Bronze Bell - lets you solo priest better, but only for hallows, consecrations and anointing! This limitation (sorry exorcism) holds it back quite a bit. however, it still encompasses enough nastiness at a reasonable cost and power boost to be considered solid. High C.
Arete and the Fields of War- 1 free melee call a day, and an endurance, and anti-druj RP effect. Low C tier because it costs a lot for individually not a lot. But you get 3 different effects. Just the sheer amount of stuff and versatility you get saves it from D tier. Barely.
Chastise the Foolish - Winter curse a priest with the effects of Excommunication, but without the paperwork! Only thing holding it back is that if someone really deserves this, and your that angry at them, an honest to Virtue Excommunication (both the legal status and ceremony) may be a better fit.
Vital Strength of the Earth - Super Summer power your not dying melee hero powers. You are now really, really, really hard to kill and your group’s healers now find you boring. buuut… the cost. great for a champion or VIP, but not really for widespread use. High C though.
Mirror of Perfection, Flame and the Flood and An Echo of Songs - Upgrade resources with Illium. Finally, a way to balance the price of bourse resources! Its quite expensive though, and really only useful for those who bother to upgrade their resources. But it’s sheer uniqueness and coolness gives it bonus points.

B Tier:
Ethereal Courier - Ships a package across the world a la Call Winged Messenger. It depends on the size of the package you can ship, and what “specially prepared” means, but this could open a whole lot of avenues of game. Only downside is its Magnitude 10, just out of easy solo reach… cries in long suffering solo Autumn ritualist
The Stargazer’s Astrolabe - Free Detect Magics 5 Times a day. Seeing as detect magic is soo versatile and commonly needed, this ritual is giving you so many free uses (that can also be regained via a Chamber of delights and similar). High B! But 5 uses is a bit… much, especially since the free uses can be regained so esily. maybe a lower magnitude, 3 uses ritual would be an A. But again, high B!
Fountain’s Bounty - FINALLY! A MANA SITE BUFF! AND ONE THATS MOSTLY ECONOMICAL! I WAS TOLD THIS WAS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE! ehem… Finally, something that saves the mana site from being terminally boring. finally, something to do with it. its only slightly profitable though, so thats why its B. But also, the idea of “infusing it with the resonance of [something]” opens many possibilities. If it turns out to have “other targets” and “mana replacement options”, to make it more economical, it may be worth an A.
Blades of Clear Sight and Irresistible Stance of Force and Focus - solid and boring and expensive. Still reasonably priced enough if you want to be awesome in fights and don’t need tea or cakes over the weekends. If you really like Repelling and Impaling though, A tier.
The Certainty of Doubt - Curses a congregation owner, halfing their output. I’d love the inclusion of curses into Urizen lore, becoming the nation of “cross us, and we’ll ruin your year”. The ability to hobble a troublesome priest’s power in the synod is also a great boon. The only reason it’s B tier is because i dont see this being used too terribly often on an individual level. Maybe once a year per group. High B though, and if im wrong about the number of priests that need a good cursing, A tier.
A Light that Moves - Greatly enhance a congregation. Solid resource buff. Less economical than the common Mantle of the Golden Orator, but congregations are more about power/votes than getting money. Still though, the mana isnt cheap and has to come from somewhere, and 9 mana casting cost means you need to convince 2 people to give you half their mana a season.
Raise the Dragonsworn Cohort - Turns a mine into a magical military unit. These rituals are just fun and cool. Expensive and uneconomical (which is why it isnt A tier), but really fun and cool (which is why its High B tier)
Guardian Gate - Makes a Fort a “Scouting” fort (?), and maybe detects spy networks? This would be a great ritual if i knew exactly what it did. it seems to imply that it detects Spy networks in a territory, which would be utterly fantastic A tier, maybe S. But thats just an implication and im not sure if thats how it works. So B tier for now.
Stone’s Unyielding Defiance - Buffs a fort and repairs it a little. A little situational, as there is another ritual that is cheaper but only buffs. But if the fort is damaged and under attack, then being able to do both is preferred.

A Tier:
Nothing i guess - Huh, maybe i set my standards too high… A Tier was supposed to be rituals that people would happily cast every season individually, and actually be a able to because of how costs work (Vital Strength of the Earth is fantastic, but if only you paid for it your year would be “boring saving and little cake; IM AWSOME! for an hour and a half, also a little cake; boring saving and little cake; IM AWSOME! for an hour and a half, also a little cake”) I suppose Fountain’s bounty and other “High B’s” could be A tier if i knew more about the nitty grity of the rituals such as if they had “other targets” and “mana replacement options”, but with the info i have…

S Tier:
Net of Gossamer Chains - Huge economic buff for congregations. S is for Stupendous! S is for Super! S is for Shenanigans. S is for Suspicious… This ritual is good. Really good. Too good. Everyone should switch to congregation just to have this spell cast on them (heck, i may do just that). But from what i know about PD and Autumn Devils Eternals, there is a monkey’s paw or hidden cost in here somewhere. Plus, this ritual cant be cast if the eternal that powers it is Emnitied, and can never ever be cast again if it is emnitied for more that a year in a row. Seems the eternal that negotiated the contract wants to ensure against being emnitied for im sure innocent reasons…

Oh course this could all be academic if none of these rituals get released by their keepers.

Not necessarily! If a ritual is really good, but what the keepers want for the Grimoires is too much, we can always codify them at a college. Perhaps even with amendments like with The Stargazer’s Astrolabe. The Call Winged Messenger address is also included, implying that negotiations would be possible.

@zdouglaz Assuming the ritual isnt released by the keeper, what ritual do you personally think (ooc) should be codified at a college.

Some of them it is unlikely for us to be able to codify at a college, since they rely on Eternal Agreements that the Eternal in question is likely not willing to renegotiate.

We are definitely getting: Guardian Gate, Irresistable Stance of Force and Focus, Peregrine and Ichimos and Arete and the Fields of War, since the Sentinel’s in question have already confirmed that they are not looking for any payment.

The others are likely to be a matter for on field discussion, especially the ones that touch on rather delicate matters of faith, doctrine and politics. .

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only 4 of the 22 proposed rituals require an eternal bargain, that still leaves a lot of wiggle room, and this post wasnt too much about the costs of getting the ritual (as your right, thats too IC). Rather, its about examining the rituals themselves.
But what do you think of the rituals themselves? Are there any you think are too highly or lowly ranked? Any you really want to cast just because it seems fun?

The Stargazer’s Astrolabe makes gate-spamming (discovering Plot by repeatedly casting Detect Magic at the Sentinel Gate) much more viable, particularly if there’s a Chamber of Delights close to the Gate. If I had 8 Detect Magics every twenty-odd minutes, there’s a whole list of locations I’d want to check out just on the off-chance something’s interesting happening there

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